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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Greg Price, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. I went out for my 3rd experiment this year chasing res coho or cutthroat on beaches last weekend.

    Started at Titlow beach near the narrows bridge. Fished 3 hoursin the AM, did not get one hit and saw nothing encouraging in the water. No jumping baitfish, no jumping coho and no sea birds yelling and diving. Nothing at all. Discouraged, I decided to explore south.

    I ended up at a place called solo point. I fished there for another few hours. Same story, no baitfish, no fish, no sea birds.

    As I was thigh deep in water, practicing my double haul, a white pickup with 2 very stern police got out and called me to shore.

    Turns out I was on "Federal Land" and could have been arrested on "federal charges" for "trespassing". I answered questions honestly and hoped for the best. They took my info, ran it and came back. Told me to leave and that they would arrest me if they caught me here without a permit. My bad. I had never been fishing there before and assumed the signs along the access road were old or not enforced. I will get a permit before visiting that beach again.

    This is the 3rd fruitless outing to the salt this year. I would like to break the code, but honestly this is starting to feel like the odds of hooking a trout or salmoniod in the salt are about as good as hooking a winter steelhead on a local river. Just one good day of hooking a few trout might put the spark back into saltwater beach fishing. Years ago I lived in West Seattle and fished Lincoln Park a few years. Each trip produced 2-3 fish in a couple hours. Then on the 3rd year nothing, just like the switch had been turned off. I quit the salt after that bad year.

    Anyone who has success in the MA-13 Tacoma to Dupont area I would like to hear from you. A little inside knowledge on how to/where to would be greatly appreciated. PM will work if you do not want to give away your "honey hole" or techniques. I have scoured the internet and found plenty of conflicting info for sea run cuthroat. I love exploring, but at least one fish per 6 -8 hr day would make the exploring that much more rewarding.
  2. There are about 3 big signs warning you that you on military property. You have to be blind to miss them. That being said you can get a permit on fort Lewis at range control for 14$. It will also give you access to the military land on the nisqually river. Just be sure to call in the morning and tell them what area you will be in.
  3. When I first started fishing the salt for SRC's I was really discouraged as well, then I came here for some help, wasn't received too well. So I kept at it and kept reading and reading the forums, online and books. Finally, I've got more figured out. Enough to catch me fish on a regular basis. I have my favorite spots, and times and flies and still get skunked at times. I'll say keep digging and trying. If the free info train does come by apart from all the info already out there, let me know. Other than that it seems to be an ongoing puzzle. Good luck
  4. For access to beaches that fish consistently well you're going to have to cross the Narrows Bridge and then be willing to drive a bit. There's simply not enough access on that side of the water.
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  5. I agree with Mike. Head west to find more beaches with better access and more fish.
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  6. When did JBLM begin charging for a range pass?

  7. Hmmm I know it was free for me but im active duty. I thought its was 14$ for civilians. Heck even better then no charge.
  8. I was under the impression that the permit is not good for Solo Pt. You had to have a DOD sticker. Am I wrong?
  9. Ya, most bases don't even issue stickers anymore. As long as you have a base permit and a range card you can go to any training area on post as long as it is open to hunting, fishing or wood cutting. When you go to get your range permit at Range Control they will give you a small map of the base with the training areas labeled. You just find the area you want to fish and call it in and leave a message saying who you are, what your permit number is and the area and activity you are going to be doing in the training area. Before you get to that though there is an automated message that says what areas are closed for that day.
  10. As far as I know if you have the permit you are good. I see lots of guys launching boats and parking their rigs there that just have the permit and not post decals. I also have a friend who guides and he uses his permit and he is not in the military. Now driving through the gate on to post and being on military land outside the gate is a different story. They wont let you just drive onto post whenever you want.

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