Solving a beatis hatch: any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by dbk, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Thanks Taxon. I agree with your suggestion that a more realistic fly would have helped, which is not something I usually encounter seeing that (as you stated) presentation problems or imitating the wrong state is more commonly the primary issue. I do tie my own flies, and for this trip I had flies tied in olive and grey shades, but did not tie any brown colored patterns. On the river that day, all three species of baetis I captured were olive or olive-grey (the smallest of the species was the most grey in color while the largest was a solid olive color). I had flies tied to match the color and size of all the naturals, and were tied with the split tail configuration. The only thing differently I thought I could have done was tie flies with a more realistic wing profile that matched the naturals upright or "sailboat" type appearance. With that, I did not tie any knocked down duns or cripples, so I will bring some of those with me when I fish it again in a few weeks. Fish were noticeably taking duns with upright wings, but the pattern styles I fished (cdc, compardun, parachute, etc.) did not utilize that type of wing configuration so I tied some patterns with a more realistic wing profile. Any patterns suggestions you may have would be appreciated. I am going back to the same river in two weeks and will by tying some new flies in the hopes of expanding my "arsenal".