Some advice for Creekin and a report

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  1. WA-Fly

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    First the advice:
    I have to thank all of you for the same great piece of of advice that makes creek fishing much more enjoyable and helps find new water, "explore the little blue lines". I know every one has heard it before and it is the greatest advice I have ever received. It makes it so much more worth it exploring remote places chasing little trout in small streams and it opens up a whole new world of water. And make sure you don't tell any one where your favorite little creeks are ;) (except me)

    The report:
    I just got home from a weekend trip to eastern WA in the Okanogan area. Fishing my favorite type of water creeks. Nothing like alpine streams loaded with hungry brookies, I did some exploring and fished some new holes. I was casting into pools in some spots about the size of a dinner plate with an undercut on one side, it seemed like if you thought there was a fish there, there was. This stream was so full of fish that I was almost stepping on them, and thats the way most small streams are I have yet to fish a creek that isn't loaded with fish. The higher I went the better the fishing was, I start on this stream at around 3100 ft above sea level and end at 4500 ft. I also enjoy short rods on small water don't let people tell short rods are no good a short rod has a place in any serious fly fisherman's arsenal whether short be 7'6" or 5' every rod has its place.

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  2. golfman44

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    Sweet report man... Decent size brookies for such small water!

    I agree with your view on small rods. This 7ft txl-f is the best fishing purchase I've ever made.

    Thanks for sharing, if you ever want to go exploring on some sky/sno tribs let me know.
  3. SteveA

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    Great report and I've gotta agree those are some decent sized brookies.
  4. Brookie_Hunter

    Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

    Great pics. Always like seeing someone making some hay with an EC Featherlight on some decent brookies! I have a cabin a little farther north and east from there and I have a favorite brookie stream of my own. :)
  5. WA-Fly

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    I was using a TFO half weight and my cousin was using the EC I used the EC in the last picture though
  6. WA-Fly

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    With the average brookie in this stream being 10-12 inches and a few 14 inchers here and there I'm pretty tight lipped about this stream.
  7. pigburner

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    Great report. Love that skinny water!
  8. John Weston

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    nothing wrong with a short on small water. I will be building up a 3 or 4 wt, 7' to use on small water.
    Outlaw :cool:
  9. Brookie_Hunter

    Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

    Your cousin rocks! :D
  10. Old Man

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    Just love fishing small water. Those squiggly blue lines on many maps do hold fish. Very nice report. Those are some nice sized fish for such small water. It looked like the weather was nice also.
  11. WA-Fly

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    The first time I fished this stream I was shocked at how large the fish were and how numerous they were. The best part is there I have never seen another person out there and there is no evidence that any one else even fishes there. Probably because its difficult to access and choked with fallen trees.
  12. Patrick Gould

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    I agree on the shorter rods. Even my 7'6" 2wt can get in the way sometimes. I've been considering something in the 6' range. Maybe a Cabelas TQR 2wt.
  13. WA-Fly

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    For most of the water I fish 7' is to long my rod of choice is 5'
  14. Chad Lewis

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    Great report. Keep it coming and making the rest of up jealous.
  15. atomic dog

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    The beauty of the Okanogan area is that people tend to only think of it as a stillwater fishing area. Those little creeks are everywhere and are mostly untouched. I've had some fantastic afternoons up there chasing brookies and rainbows in the hills. Kind of bummed my in-laws moved away from the area. Loomis made for a hell of a base camp for exploration.
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  16. WA-Fly

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    Yeah its beautiful country, I prefer ferry county though