Some auction flies

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by David Dalan, Apr 23, 2014.

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    There is a local enhancement group (Tri-State Steelheaders) that is having a fund raiser to I tied up some flies they could use for auction items. So, I figured I'd share some snaps...

    2014-04-22 21.47.35.jpg

    Garden variety Egg Sucking Leech, on a 1/0 Tiemco 7999.

    2014-04-22 21.45.43.jpg

    Something red. Kind of cool that it is made with legally obtained seal fur. One of my tying material dealers bought quantities from and old stash and has dyed some of it up. I guess I could still go to prison, but I tried.

    2014-04-22 21.45.02.jpg

    Another little swinger, Peacock, synthetic dub and purple guinea.

    2014-04-22 21.43.59.jpg

    A version of the copper colonel, but with a squirrel wing and not the original black wing.

    2014-04-22 21.43.12.jpg

    Something blue. Body is twisted peacock and red wire. Blue guinea wing.

    2014-04-17 18.16.58.jpg

    Just a really good beer I had recently.
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    Dave, love the Peacock swinger, and the beer as well.
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    Great looking bunch of flies!!
    Very fishy work David!
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