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  1. I dunno he seems pretty legit. Would you join a fly swap he hosted?
  2. Maybe it's the nice side of me, but I think we should give him an honest try at our site under the conditions he either a) becomes a sponsor if he wants to sell his product commercially (it's apparent he is not a hobbyist tying and swapping like most of us) and b) that his only posts aren't in the classifieds and he is actively participating in the forum/threads.

    If he doesn't comply (like honestly, how hard is it to actively participate in a fly fishing forum if you fly fish...*facepalm) and it is obvious he is just trying to make money from us, then yeah, I would suggest taking away the keys and banning/parking him.
  3. Jordan, I wouldn't have him on as a sponsor even if he asked. The offer stands to un-delete him but only if the intent is to mess with him a bit if only to get a chuckle out of it.
  4. He sells ginger capes for and I quote " $0.50 " heck of a deal.
  5. if he's serious, and not already runnin skeerd, he'll send some samples. sometimes they do. i think every flyshop everywhere gets several of these emails weely. none of the big fly wholesalers get their bugs wrapped in africa. young asian fingers make a decent wage and have good working conditions tying for most of them.
  6. Heck, I might try a fly swap with him...........don't think I'd enter my CC# on his wesite though.
  7. Pooper swap!
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  9. I bought some flies via the online catelog of a major US company that sells rods, reels, waders, etc. and the tag in the boxes said Made in Kenya. Just saying.
  10. Shutting it down then. Rules are this is private party ads only, save for sponsors. Private party ads I define as your own personal gear. I do this to protect the flavor of the classifieds and to provide some incentive for some companies to sponsor so we can keep the lights on. This wasn't to be an exception but rather a chance at some continued humor but that seams to have passed.

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