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  1. I am planning on going on a hiking\camping\FLY FISHING trip with a few of my buddies around april 14-20, in that time period. i am trying to plan this out as well as i can so i am prepared with everything i need. I am asking if anyone knows of places we may hit anywhere in the state? hike in and camp? day hikes? all around good spots? anything would be helpful i am looking for somthing new that i haven't done.
    Thanks alot your comments are appreciated
  2. One of the obvious spots is Nunnally. Not too much room for camping right at the access area, although there are a couple of tent spots. You can also stay on the Vantage side of the river and drive over to Nunnally. There is an area around "the dunes" but it can get rather noisy with the motorcycles & ATV's. In addition to Nunnally, you can head up the road and hit Lenice. The walk in to both lakes is rather easy. Great for tubes & pontoons.

    Pass & Cranberry would be another option. No camping at Pass but there are state parks close by.
  3. I keep thinking about a hke-in steelhead trip, into the park areas of the Hoh, Quinalt, or Queets. I have no ideas about particulars, but the fishing would be good by then, particularly in the upper reaches where the interesting hiking/camping would be. You'd be in realtively pristene surroundings, likely see a lot of wildlife, maybe catch some steelhead, and probabaly get rained on. The Sol Duc might have possibilites too.

    If you're looking more for trout, and you wanted to stay dry. Dusty Lake in the Quincy wildlife refuge near Ephrata is a more interesting day hike/camping situation than Lenice/Nunnaly, though the fishing may not be quite as good.
  4. What about some of the Alpine lakes up around the passes. They're great hikes and a lot of area for camping. The fish aren't huge, but at least you're catchin' them. ;) Pick up the book about hiking the 'Alpine Lakes Wilderness.'

    Also, check out ;)

    Good luck.

    - DW
  5. I seriously doubt that any of the Alpine lakes will be fishable in Mid April especially this year with all the snowpack that we have. July and August will find many hungry trout waiting for you however, :WINK

  6. The high lakes and streams don't actually open until June 1, and they'd be buried in snow. You would be about right for some eastside lake fishing, not much hiking but some great camping and fishing.Some of the rivers might be available for some hike-in fishing on the peninsula.The weather though that time of year is questionable.I'd take the eastside.
  7. They eliminated the separate high lakes opener so the high lakes are all technically open year round. Of course, snow and ice determine the actual opening day.
  8. I fished Lake 22 or tried to many years ago. The rivers and high lake used to open on Memorial Day. So a friend of mine and I decieded to try Lake 22. When we started out there was no snow here. About half way up we ran into snow,but we kept going. By the time we got to the lake the snow was very deep and the lake was frozen over. The only open water was the outlet of the lake. If we had ice skates we could of had some fun. Jim S. :HMMM
  9. The waterski lake across from the old Nunally access has camping available,and motorhomes are welcome also. Call Doug @dougs boats in woodinville. 425-483-2001 for info. Myself I'm lucky I can stay at Nunally I know the owner of the house :THUMBSUP

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