FS Some Hooks for Salmon-Steelhead & a Nice Grizzly Cape

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  1. All these are new, in the package:

    Daiichi AJ 2065, heavy wire, gold finish, #1.5, pkg of 10 - SOLD
    Daiichi AJ 2055, med. wire, gold finish, #3, pkg of 10 - SOLD
    Partridge CS10/1 Bartleet, #2, pkg of 25 - SOLD

    Also a really nice cape from Spencer's hackles (now out of business). This is one of Spencer's Extra Select Grizzly rooster necks, comparable to a Whiting Silver grade dry fly cape - lot's of densely barbed hackle. I haven't touched it as I am still going through another stash of hackle for what I need.

    Sale pending to papafish - thanks!

    If interested, please message me here or by email... I will get back to you soonest.


    Steve Cole

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  2. Steve,
    I'll take the Grizzly cape.

  3. LB - thanks. I will send a message with the payment info. You will really like this cape... Good quality


  4. Neck is spoken for -thanks all

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