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  1. I thought I'd post some photos of some of our birdgetters in order to get used to using the new camera. Of course, her Ladyship, being my late father's favorite, got the good ones!
    View attachment 33894 View attachment 33895 View attachment 33896 View attachment 33897
    If I've done this correctly, the first two are her LC Smith Ideal in 20 ga, the third one's her Dale Tate custom, also in 20ga, and finally, my little Belgian 28bore hammergun.
  2. Nice shooters, man.
  3. I would be too nervous to carry those in the field. I am always falling when I hunt chukars on steep rocky slopes. I broke the stock on my 11-87 last year when I fell. Or would end up scratching the stock chasing quail in the briars and sage brush. I usually take out a beat up 870 or BPS when I hunt birds or ducks. Very nice looking shotguns though.
  4. thank you.

    I am now writing in covetous jealousy.

  5. Alex, those are sweet. I am particularly interested in your hammer gun.

    Ribka: hunting with fine shotguns really adds to the hunt. Yes, they do get scratched and, on occasion, broken. I fell with one of my sxs's 10 years ago. It went skyward when I slipped and I watched in slow motion as it descended barrels first straight into the ground. Stuck like a javelin. Thank goodness the ground where it landed was mud. No damage but it took an hour to get the mud out. If you had a (and maybe you do have) top of the line Mercedes, would you leave it parked in the garage for fear someone will hit you or maybe ding the door in the grocery store parking lot or would you drive it around? If you hunt with me I'll let you hunt with a nice gun with no liability attached, well, maybe not after chukars but quail, pheasants, sure. You'll get a kick out of it. (maybe literally since they are very light guns).
  6. Thanks, Karl; My wife's guns don't get taken afield since she doesn't hunt (she'll enjoy the results plenty, though!!) The Belgian's a 112 year-old Guild gun, choked extra full and cylinder. It took a while to get used to upland with hammers, but I really prefer them now. The chokes allow me to pick which barrel depending on the situation, and I don't have to switch the safety-mounted selector like you'd have to do on a Franchi Veloce, say. I just slide the hand back a little and pull the rear trigger. The ability to slide your hand makes more sense if I had a straight English stock as opposed to that Prince of Wales grip. I got her from Kirby Hoyt at Vintage Doubles in Malaga, but believe me when I say you DON'T want to go in there with your wallet!! Another thing I wrestled with was the 2 1/2-inch chambers. Once I found RST shotshells back East, that problem was solved. The gun's actually proofed for black powder, not nitro, but they make low-pressure loads specifically designed for vintagers, including pattern-welded barrels. Most of the hammerguns you find are 12-bores, and the price goes up accordingly for the smaller guns. 410's are outrageous because they're few and far between, but he's got one now, for a decent price. Someday, I'll have a pattern-weld hammergun, probably in 20 or 28bore, just for upland birds, to go along with the waxed mustache, and the tweeds!
  7. Beautiful!!! What more can I say.
  8. Gorgeous and thanks for posting. Also WAY out of my league . . .
  9. Karl nice offer might take you up. Have access to good quail hun and chukar hunting over in my area. Will use for quail and huns but not chukar. I fall at least 3 times an hour while chasing chukar
  10. Ribka: the offer is a serious one but realize, as others have suggested, that once you are hooked with these guns, man, it can get expensive. As for falling chasing chukars, I fall down walking around the yard on occasion. My last chukar hunt was in 1998. We climbed up to the top of a ridge to work along sunny downslope of the crest (I learned as a kid never chase chukars up hill). When we were trying to get back down to the truck we couldn't figure out how to descend over the cliffs. After a half hour of searching we heard some rocks shifting and saw a mule deer doe climbing up toward us about a hundred yards off. We used her path but going the other way to get down.We hunted and hunted, never jumped a bird or saw any running. We heard them calling when we started and again when we were back at the car at the end of the hunt. Those birds are real ghosts. I think my time chasing those birds were my "peak" in bird hunting, I wish I had appreciated it more than I did at the time.
  11. I use this now.
    I got too banged up contorting over the rocks in the desert trying to keep the Berretta 687 EL from getting scratched.
    No need to be jealous now, Jesse. :rofl:
    Shoot quick.

    ATTACH=CONFIG]34027[/ATTACH] View attachment 34028
  12. Alex, my hardware is comprised of Win model 12's handed down to me from my grandfather..hell I'm 60 so do the math. A 20 ga that I shot my first goose in the Skagit delta on family land..awesome stalk thru the timber..down the slope..cross the slough. I was 12 or 13..good times. Two 12' plugged when goose hunting at Mattawa. Barrel split..done day..had it cut down for a home security system..Tweakers beware. My backup goose gun is the Rem 870 that I took 3 cans of spray paint to to camo it up..looks awesome. That and the 20 are my two go too's.
  13. Mark, I take it that '97 has a bit of an open choke...?

    Alex, great old guns you have there, or should I say she has there...
  14. Just a wee touch Alex. Good eye.:thumb:
  15. My little Belgian's got a cylinder on one side, and an extra-full on the other. You do any SASS, Mark? Your scattergun's standard fare for cowboy action-great gun! Also Eric's Mod. 12's, classics in anybody's book!
  16. Alex,

    Have you looked at the B&P shells vs the RST? I am looking at their High Pheasant in a 2 1/2" either the 1oz or 1 1/16 it's a low pressure #6. Price is more reasonable than the RST's which are very good shells.

    This is for a 6lbs 5ish oz, double 12 with a improved mod and tight full.
  17. That would have to be a negative Alex, although I have been to a few of the single-handed events in the past and enjoyed the crap out of them.
    Unfortunately, being a fulltime caregiver, my personal time is usually limited to between the hours of 2am and 7am.:beathead:
  18. I have 2 1/2 inch chambers, Floatinghat-can't fit `em in the gun. Their "classic" line was designed with the 20th century pre-steel fixed choke shotgun in mind, While they're somewhat cheaper than the RST shotshells,their pressure is substantially higher. Lowest pressure I saw on their chart was 5804psi, and RST shells for my gun are around 4000psi. They'll work fine in guns like my wife's Elsie, the later Parkers, model 21's and such, but for pre-turn of the century guns, probably not. There's also quite a controversy over "damascus", or pattern-weld barrel strength going on right now, but again, you'd be limited to shorter shells due to chamber length.
  19. I love shooting my '97, got it from my father in law and it is a kick. Never tried it for birding though, shot a few clay birds with it though.
  20. Alex-I'm drooling! With this collection, most of us are a little intimidated to show our collection. I will put up a much more modest collection. First View attachment 38910 here is a sad picture of my venerable Browning B-80-don't even ask! Next a well worn Beretta O/U 12 ga View attachment 38911 that is responsible for a lot of pheasants! Then my replacement for the B-80 View attachment 38912 a new Beretta xplor 12 ga. I got this one with "Kick-off" and it is the softest shooting gun I own-very nice! Then my quail gun View attachment 38913 20 ga O/U Beretta. My turkey gun is this Mossberg 835 3 1/2" 26" barrel camo and flat black gun that I won at a National Wild Turkey Federation banquet! View attachment 38915 Really nice to carry in the spring woods but as they say, it kills on one end and maims on the other! Next is a Charles Daly 12 ga that I won at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet (is there a pattern here?) that my gunless son-in-law uses when he goes with me View attachment 38916 . Last is a nice Belgium Browning 20 ga Auto 5. My most collectable gun, but choked full, so I need to get it opened up to really take it hunting with me! View attachment 38914 That's it-not nearly the photographic quality nor gun quality, but I get a lot of pleasure out of all of them and holding them brings back so many memories of hunts over the last 35 years or so. I used to have a Damascus steel barreled Westley Richards 12 ga hammer gun, but alas, my ex-wife took that with her! Rick

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