Some reels to go

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  1. Some reels to go reduced

    Bauer m4 in excellent condition
    $185 shipped

    Lampson 5 in excellent condition good spey reel extra spool in photo not included

    Sage 709 with spare spool in excellent condition (loop 3) would be nice on a switch rod.
    $200 shipped

    Sage spinning rod 3pc excellent condition 7' sock and tube. 6-12lb line

    I would prefer paypal and my feedback can be checked on ebay under rskolstad


  2. prosopium

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    pm sent regarding lamson
  3. more added.

  4. All reels still abvailable and reduced.
  5. Lamson sold and pictures posted of the sage 709.
  6. Porter

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    What is the diameter of the 709? Is it set up for LH or RH retrieve? Is it easy to switch? ...i have no experience with this reel.
  7. The sage 700 series were kind of the first modern large arbour reels avialiable in the US that wre made Dannialson/loop for sage and the 709 is the same reel as teh loop 3 but it has a clicker sysyem to it that the loops did not have. Parts and warranty are still available through dannialson. The 709 would cover 7 8 9 10 wt line ranges.
  8. Porter

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    Yes I was able to find that out. Do you know the diameter? ... and if it can be switched from LH to RH easily and vica versa?

    Never mind I found out what I wanted.
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    This made everyone who ever owned a loop smile:thumb:
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    Why...because it's the way you put on the line? not familiar with the reel but have heard of it. I asked a couple of questions and the reply did not answer a single one. Smile all you want.
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    PM sent. thanks.
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    Payment sent on the Sage Rod Russell. Thanks
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    hi mate im a loop traditional nut (this sage reel) made by danielsson was the grandfather to the loop traditional - in fairness the 709 reel is ideally suited for a weight forward 7wt line and no more - TRUST Me unless your happy with 40 yds of backing. That said its a cracking reel and from the pics both it and the spool look mint and id say a fair price. If no luck here id suggest you put it on as you will get a better price than

    best rgds

  14. LL I think you have the 709 confused with one of the other reels. It is the equivelent of the loop 3 and I have had a wf 9 floating on it with 250yrds of backing. This reel will take a wf 7 and a ton of backing. I use a 707, loop 2, on my 7wt with a wf 7 and 150 yrds of backing. I think the 709 would hold the line wts I suggested but maybe not a floater but a sinking line or teeny line at teh top end (10wt). Unless we are talking about spey lines and then I would think this reel would be more on the 5/6 wt range.
    I habe a couple more of these reels at home and am also a big fan of them. thanks for the heads up on ebay uk.
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    If I understand this reel right, Loop3. (Big brother of my Loop midge). There is no drag in this reel, the only device you have is the compress of 6 wheels (slight tension) to prevent the over-spooling. Thus there is no need for concern LHW or RHW. Either way would be fine...

    It is a fun reel to palm... indeed... :thumb: Mark