Some Scouting & A Few Rezzies

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by FlyinFish, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Finally got a chance to go scout out some South Sound beaches. My first spot was extremely disappointing and the second, well, I didn't even get out of the car. Not good looking beaches, at least at today's levels. I decided to swing by one other beach before calling it quits. Water looked much better here, but still a bit sandy.

    I walked over to one end and found nothing worth fishing. I waked out toward the inlet of a cove and even though it was all sand, I decided to make a few casts at the small channel. Sure enough, a little rezzie went air born, and a cast later I hooked one. A few more casts and I needed to reposition to the other side. As I reeled in, I got a bite from a little guy that soon popped off. Went around to the other end and got two more nice rezzies.

    All fish came on a bugger type fly I was experimenting with. Looks like it works!

    Not the red hot SRC fishing I was hoping for, but sure was a great day to scope out some beaches and get in a little bit of that strip-strip-strip-BAM!
  2. Arvin,

    Glad to see you are getting out there exploring and checking out those beaches. When you discover a fishy beach, and you are there all alone, well, it doesn't get much better! Tight lines. It's a little early still for those cutthroats, but there are some around. Keep at it!
  3. Killer looking fly, screams "buggy", very nice.

  4. Outstanding FF! Fly looks great and super cool you pushed the envelope of exploration and found Silver!

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