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    Greetings all!

    Now I am not from Washington, nor have I been there on TV, I currently live in TX. But I found this site when I was first starting out fly fishing a few months ago. I thought I would introduce myself with a few pics of our latest fishing outing in Waco, TX.

    Last weekend, my wife and I, and my sister's family visited my parents. It was the first time they met our daughter (3 months) and all the cousins played together (as much as a 4yr old, 3-16month olds and a 3 month old could play together).

    Any way back to fishing. My parents house sits on two ponds stocked with bass, crappie and catfish (among other things). This weekend I thought I would try out my new Orvis BMA reel I got with free Gen III Class V Extra Sink Tip Fly Line. This line worked for me from the dock and the dam, but the shore was a bit too shallow for it. A couple of the fish we caught are shown below.

    Crappie: 1.25lbs 13.5-in (actually measured)

    Bass: 1.5-2lbs (estimating - largest fish to date on a fly rod, hence the picture :D )

    My wife only caught the one crappie, but she didn't fish long at all, she tended to the kiddos most of the weekend. But I caught that bass and a couple other crappies about the size shown and more smaller, I also caught a channel catfish (no picture) and a few small bass.

    I used only one fly to catch everything on. Size 10, black bead chain eyes, red chenille, and gold mylar tubing, very simple, very effective.

    My dad and brother in law also caught a bunch but they weren't fly fishing.

    I hope y'all will accept a southerner into your midst. If it is any consolation, I did grow up, up north ;)
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    Welcome! Lots of great information here.
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    Welcome, keep up the good reports and pics.
    Pretty ladies and fat crappie, Hmmmmmm
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    thanks y'all :)