Somebody tell me where I went wrong?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Olive bugger, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Thinking of tying some short leaders for steelhead fishing this winter.
    Here is what I am thinking. Tell me what is wrong with it?

    Butt section Maxima .020"/ two feet long.

    Mid section Maxima .017 / three feet long.

    Tippet section Fluorocarbon .015 / three feet long.

    Fishing subsurface with streamers and weighted nymphs size 6 to 4 hooks.

    I just know there has to be a flaw in the logic somewhere. It looks too good to me.

    Please advise.
  2. well, if your fishing a Skagit line with a tip, 3-6 feet of 12-15 lb. Maxima might be a better plan.
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  3. One bit of advice might be, don't use tippet material that tests higher than your backing line. Doesn't look to be the case for you.
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  4. i run straight mono, or maybe a 4-5 feet 30lb test with adjustable bobber, and 12-15lb 2-6feet. i dont think it is necessary to contrapt crazy leaders
  5. I would tend to agree with you, Bass. I sometimes just go with a short piece of one or two size leader if the water is dirty.

    I will be using my 8wt 96 single hand rod with a sink tip line.
    If I switch over to my floater, I would go with the pinkbubble and
    similar leader to your description above.
  6. In the winter I fish 18"s of 15lb maxima, occasionally stretch it to as far as 36" depending on fly and what I'm trying to do. Simplify. Building a fancy leader requiring mulitple knots is just increasing chance for failure. And a waste of fishing time.

    My bobber leaders are a little more involved but good nymphing requires some basic science.
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  7. Olive,

    If you're planning to use that leader on a sink tip line, you're over-thinking and over-building. 3 or 4 feet of whatever pound test you use for tippet is all you need.

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  8. Bottom line. You don't need tapered leaders on sink tips

  9. I use a 3ft section of a used up tapered leader. I tie a tippet ring on the end so it still has a mild taper and then I can just tie on 2-3 ft of flouro on the end. Turns over a little better but a straight level section of tippet is fine. If you are fishing unweighted flies keep your leader or tippet shorter.
  10. Thanks for all of the tips, guys. I think I have my head on straight now.
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  12. I ran across an old leader formula that I got from Dawn Holbrook, back in the 1980's. Dawn was an icon in my fishing circles and in the PNW, with his bamboo rod tapers and construction. A very nice man and a real gentleman. The fishing world lost a true friend when he passed.

  13. I use their formulas, or just 60-20-20 when I am in a hurry with 25lb, 20lb, 15lb, tippet. All with maxima. But that is for floating lines.

  14. AMEN!!!
  15. For my sink tip, I tied in a 3 ft single strand of 20# fluorocarbon with a prefection loop on one end and plan on a bug on the 'tother end.

    Working on my floater now.

    Can't find my thingabobbers. Must be in one of my vest pockets, somewhere.
  16. with sink, i only use 3 feet of tippet. no more or less.
  17. What size tippet?
  18. 8 for finicky 12 or 15 for ideal situations
  19. dont overthink it
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  20. HAHAHA
    Not to worry with me overthinging something.
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