Somebody tell me where I went wrong?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Olive bugger, Sep 24, 2013.

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    I didn't have any of the three. So I went with the 20#.

    I will stop by the shop in a few days and pick up some of the others.
  2. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    i swear by the maxima $4 spool
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    Might have some in my gear box. I will look.

    Been using Maxima since Moses was a baby. I like it.

    So I can take the 20# flourocarbon off and roll it up and put it in the leader folder, cut a new piece of mono for the Maxima in 12# and go fishing! Good news is I still remember how to tie a perfection knot and improved cinch knot.
  4. Fishee Member

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    12lbs Maxima UG in Winter/Spring

    6lbs Maxima UG in Summer/Fall, actually in Summer/Fall I use 10ft leader. I buy those floating poly leaders 9ft or just tapered leader and attach 3ft of 6lbs tippet. If it's too long, i take out 2 feet from butt sections. It really depends how water clarrity is during the summer.
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    Size tippet? Always commensurate with size of fly. Too small a tippet with too large a fly is not good and too large will not fit in the eye.

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    With a sink tip, a long leader defeats the purpose and will keep the fly from being in the zone the tip is in. 2 to 3 feet of 12 pound maxima is all you need. A player isn't going to care if it's attached to a rope as long as it's slow amd low.
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    For me, I used to change leaders depending on whether or not I was nymphing or swinging (I still don't use tips--or very rarely, just lengthen the leader and use a weighted fly--nothing with too much crap on it to keep it from sinking fast--add some creative mending to get it to drop). Now, I use the same one for both. For winter, I use 3-4' 30lb Chameleon, 3-4' 15lb Chameleon, 3-6' 12lb Seaguar floro. If I'm nymphing with a bobber, it'll be attached somewhere on the 15lb. Also, the reason for using Chameleon vs. UG is that it's harder and there's less of a chance the floro will cut into it.

    At any rate, that's what works for me, and works very well.

    as an aside, I've also discovered what I think might be my favorite line for the type of fishing I do...Rio Pike/Musky. Love that far, it's the best I've found for both swinging and nymphing (at least when paired with my 7 & 8 wt glass rods). It'll also turn over anything...

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