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  1. This is certainly not an original idea...but what the heck I painted it anyway

    I think I will do a GRHE next... BlueWingedOlive.jpg
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  2. sometimes I do caricatures...of fly fishin friends and... a self portrait smallInsano-Cartoon.jpg
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  3. Gary the carver ...and more GmHsmall-1.jpg
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  4. Gary the photographer Obi-One.jpg
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  5. Mike has a way with "spoons" Gambysm-1.jpg
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  6. Da Guys... Da-Guys.jpg
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  7. These are great, I like the details!
  8. Thanks they are soooo fun to do...I don't do them fact until a few years ago I hadn't at all in ...20 years and they were for my girls when kids...before that...some in other media at the museum I worked at...and it all started in about 1969-70...did a crtoon strip for the HS "newspaper" which was more of a mimeographed flyer...Ha!
  9. These pieces have a totally different personality
    The stream paintings are so serene
    These a bit more raucous

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