Somewhat two steelhead day!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by wboles3, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I fished a local S-river today and hook and landed a nice 25" hatchery buck. I caught it on the swing using a floating line 12' leader and a green butt spey. I then continued down the run and spotted a much larger steelhead. I tried swinging various flies, tried skating, and then various nymphs. I got slight look at a soft hackle but that was all. I finally gave up on that fish, put the green butt spey back on and continued swinging toward the tail out. I got a huge take and a battle began. This fish made major runs and quite the arial display. After a long battle I got this >30" hatchery hen to hand. The only thing is that I actually did not hook this fish. What I hooked was the 30 yard ball of monofilament that the fish was attached to. I release the fish and kept the mono. Beautiful fish and great fight made my day though.

    Does anyone know the best way to prepare the mono ball. I am sure it will be a little stringy, but one caviot is I won't have to floss before bed.

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    bawling: bawling: :hmmm: :hmmm: I hope you have worst problems?

    Good Job!! :) :) :)
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    Wow sounds like you had a great day! What type of lure was the 30" hatchery fish attached to? Also are the steelies on those "S"-rivers that leader shy to have to use a 12' leader? Good work!
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    I not that familiar with gear used but it was kind of a pink jig with a little marabou. Actually they didn't appear to be that leader shy but I was using the spey rod and I cast it better with that length of leader on the floating head.

  5. Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

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    Thanks for releasing the fish, hatchery or not, and keeping the mono. Hopefully everyone who's ever left a tangle of line behind will remember your story.

    That'll be a hard story to beat, by the way. :thumb:
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    jeeze I haven't caught a steelhead in like a year and that one owas only 16 inches way to go!