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  1. Hiked in carrying a 35.5# pack. What was I thinking? Hiked in with two co-workers 15 years my junior. What was I thinking? They were new to backpack hammock camping so I agreed to bring the common gear. What was I thinking? The destination was up and down with a fair number of switchbacks. What was I thinking? See what I was thinking:


    If memory serves, this river offered up my first trout on a fly. Thinking that this trip refreshed that memory.
    This was one of six fish I caught in limited fishing time. What I'm thinking now is how long until I hike back out there?
  2. That's a nice fish
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  3. You were thinking the juice was worth the squeeze! Nice looking fish from a pretty little river.
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  4. A true slab in such skinny water. Nicely done and thanks for sharing

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  5. Nice fish! I believe you were thinking you forgot your boots . . .
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  6. I see you're looking a little more trim than the last time I saw you.
    No footwear....what were you thinking?
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  7. I always think the quality of the fish increases with the effort expended to find it regardless of the size of the fish. Very nicely done, Ed.
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  8. Good stuff, brohiem.
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  9. Shoes are for wussies
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  10. Trying!

    Wish we could have aligned our schedules.

    My trail hiking shoes were already soaked. I had them drying. I was giving a tutorial on casting to my hiking mates. A simple water haul and place into the feeding conveyor foam line of the river should put the fly right BAM!

    They think I have fish whisper superpowers. I'm just a lucky bastard that likely hooked two newbies on hammock camping and fly fishing.
  11. Ed, since you mentioned it, i will be over on the peninsula soon to hopefully hammock the seven lakes basin. If you have been in this area, what's the tree situation?

    That fish is a trophy winner!
  12. Very nice, good thinkin' Ed.

  13. It was evidently a good tutorial with an impressive ending.
  14. Hiked and tent camped that area a decade ago. I believe trees to be plentiful!
  15. Tree reports?
  16. Important info when you choose to sleep in a hammock not a tent. Usually not that big of deal, but at alpine level trees arnt as dense, and some meadows are treeless.

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