Sons first Pheasant

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  1. My son is almost 16. A couple of years ago we started pheasant hunting together. We don't go often, only once a year. Along with that we also don't have a bird dog, so there are not allot of opportunities to get a good shot. Well this year he finally got his first bird with his 20 guage. It was a great shot the bird was flying from right to left about 20 to 25 yards out. He dropped it dead as a dime. Need less to say I was thrilled, and so was he. The following day he got his second.

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  2. Congratulations to your son!
  3. Congratulations to your son on his two birds. Congratulations to you for taking your son hunting...!
  4. Save the feathers for Careys and other flies, great harvest
  5. Congrats to you both, I was alone when I killed my first rooster, it would have been great if my dad had been able to be there and see it. Good job, dad.
  6. awesome
  7. Great picture! He'll remember that bird forever!
  8. Awesome for ya both, hope you can get back out more than once this year!
  9. So do we.

    thanks for all the kind words

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