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  1. Correct, as long as you remember to wear a cinched waistbelt to keep out whatever cold water makes it through the dry top / chestwader interface.
  2. I received an e-mail from Outdoorplay notifying me that the Kokotat
    SuperNova Angler "semi-dry" suits are now on sale for 20% off regular retail. Offer is good thru tomorrow.
    After studying the Kokotat sizing chart (seems like they really should offer a Medium Tall), I was unsure of what size might be best. I emailed Outdoorplay and I inquired about size and fit, since I am on the cusp between sizes M and L (I'm a size M from the waist down, but might need a L to fit my chest and shoulders, and height).
    I am waiting to hear back if a size M will fit someone 6' and one quarter inch tall, with size 11.5 feet, and a skinny, gangly, scarecrow build. I heard that the integrated sock/feet were large enough to accommodate thick sock layering, so maybe the feet on the M will fit me.
    I hope the feet aren't too small for me. The size L suit sounds like it was designed for someone with a much larger girth than I sport. That damned sizing chart looks all wrong to me!!!
    I'm seriously considering getting the new SuperNova Angler suit, and an NRS "union suit" to wear under it.

    Although the neck opening is neoprene, the cuffs are latex, so they don't leak. Nearly all of the reviews that I've read state that the neoprene neck seal is very effective and comfortable, and barely leaks at all. I think one reviewer said she had about 3 tablespoons of water leak in when she took a dunking. Other reviewers claimed that no water leaked in when they briefly submerged. Sounds good enuff for kayak angling! I won't be running whitewater rivers, nor surfing in it, if I get one.

    Now might be the time to pick up one of those semi-dry suits. I might have to order one and try it on. I can send it back if it doesn't fit right.
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  3. Jim, since you are getting it mostly for cold weather, I would get the large so you can layer up as much as you need. Like waders, you don't want to be stressing seams with extra layers or when you bend down, sit down, etc. The bottom might be a baggy you'll appreciate the extra room when sitting (wedgy-wise) as the inseam on the M is pretty short. There is a waist cinch and with your pfd on, the extra room shouldn't be a problem. No drysuit is flattering to the figure and if it is, it is too small, LOL. I have the drop seat on mine and it makes my butt look as big as Texas but the convenience is worth it.
  4. Thanks again, Sue. You are probably right. And nope .... I don't need too short an inseam, or anything else too small, either. I don't care about the looks if a suit is a little roomy. That's not what bothers me. I've just never liked baggy clothing. It can catch on things and hang you up. It creates more resistance in the water when wading. I like things to fit.
    In my experience, being streamlined is moah bettah in the water! Thats why you almost never see anyone wearing a drysuit when surfing. I'll be paddling my yak or wading in this thing, and hopefully not doing much swimming.

    So, I think I might be ordering the size L (that's IF I order the suit). It will have more surface area, which means more pores, and thus might even be more breathable, overall. The extra space inside should make it more comfortable.
  5. Dang! Outdoorplay hasn't answered my e-mail inquiring about size and fit. The 20% off sale is ending (was only for 72 hours). Now I'm probably not in the market for a drysuit until they go on sale again. I'll probably go in somewhere and try one on, then I'll know what size fits best, and then I'll just wait for another sale. Maybe next year at this time. I can wait.I can live without it. I should really try a suit on before I order one. $500 is a huge amount of dough! And then the unisuit underwear, etc, and maybe even new booties.... it all adds up. Arrrrgh!

    For the next couple of weeks, the water and air are still warm enough to get away with using a wetsuit, with some external layering for the torso, if needed to combat the cooler air temps. If I don't get out in the next week or so (before Ling Cod season closes), I won't be kayak angling out along the Jetty until late March again at the earliest, anyway. My SOT will probably sit in the garage until then. I just bought a new 5mm wetsuit for surfing. The old 5mm full suit will be the Springtime jetty kayak fishing suit. With my splash jacket over it, it should do until the water warms up enough for my 3 mm farmer john, usually by mid-May or so.

    Where waves and whitewater are not a problem, I can get away with my waders and a splash top or wading jacket in cold wet weather for tidal creeks when paddling my Ultimate 12, which I can't hardy capsize even when trying. I'm thinking that "launch socks" or some lightweight launch boots similar to muck boots would keep my feet dry when launching on lakes during the winter, when I don't want to be wearing my waders. I've worn 15" rubber boots or even hip boots with rain pants over the top on rainy days in my U-12, although they are a bit bulky for in a yak. Its my wet cold feet that start sucking the heat from me, if I'm only wearing my leaky neoprene kayak booties. Cold fingers become a heat leak, too. Maybe I'll have to break down and get some "pogies" or paddling gloves.

    When I get new waders, I might opt for some with a fly.

  6. Dave: I'm pretty happy with my whitewater drysuit setup. I think you've seen it...........the top end is neoprene and fits snugly around my chest and seems to keep water out pretty well, so I don't worry much about 'filling up' my waders. Plus it has a relief zipper. AND it was pretty cheap. I think I bought it off season for around $125.00. Just sayin'!
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