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    the dungeness r. had a very poor return of coho this fall. the number i heard was 200 pairs at the hatchery. they might have had a few more returns after i heard that # don't know. it was, however, bad enough that the terminal fishery was pretty much non existent in the bay.

    going up to the hatchery, i was able to see first hand the runts in the pond. i am guessing these fish were 2 to maybe 5#. the historical runs on this river, although much has changed along the banks, had naturally spawning coho in the 10-12# range. sure there are larger fish out there but what would appear to have been manipulated over the course of some decades is the genetic makeup of returning fishes, small and smaller.

    as you know, there are various closures for salmon, including sequim and dungness bays among others along the strait. while SRC fishing in the bay is sometimes productive, my supposition is that these bays are closed for salmon in order to protect smolts. so i don't know how one would determine if 'resident' coho are around except by incidental catch.

    keep in mind that the real issue, historically, was an imense source of high protein food, herring. when the eel grass ceased to exist (that is where the herring placed their egg masses), the net fishery for herring went bizerk (huge landings, pretty much unregulated), and that collapsed, WDFW was at the same time stocking zillions of late release coho while their major source of food had vanished.

    that, i don't call management of our fishery and that was really the only point i was attempting to make.