Source for scrap graphite blank sections?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Southsound, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all... I am working on two projects that require extending the butt sections of existing rods to make switch casting possible. I don't like any of the detachable butt systems that I see as I think they would place too much strain on a very small section of the rod, so I want to extend the butts by 3-4 inches with graphite blank pieces. Trying find a source or sources (scraps, broken rods, other)? Any leads would be appreciated.


    Steve Cole
    Lower Yakima Valley
  2. Check on ebay. Here's one example. Actually a few pop up now and then. Search for broken fly rod, broken fly blank, etc. Also, even though it looks like your in Prosser, Ed's Surplus store in Lynnwood, WA often sells used fly rods and partial fly rods...broken...etc. Always call before hand and prevent a wasted trip, they are also good for reel parts...lots of medalists, sa reel parts...big basket, but mixed in with convential gear parts too.
  3. You might try contacting a rod manufacturer and see if they have some rejects laying around they might part with. You could give them an idea of what size you need too. I think you can buy sections of graphite rods to make custom grip reamers too from some of the rod parts suppliers.

  4. Another option is a wood dowel for your extended butts.

  5. Hello Steve. I have graphite and fiberglass available. It's fun to extend rods with those extra pieces. Whichever you want I'll send them your way. I can only measure with a tape, but that should do. The graphite is from a six weight. I expect the butt section would work just fine. The fiberglass is of greater diameter than the graphite. Be glad to send you a couple six or eight inch sections that you could cut to size. Be my pleasure.
  6. Thanks fellas for the feedback and leads, and Rockthief, thanks again for the offer of some sections!

    Steve Cole
  7. Google R B Meiser (Medford, Or) and Burkheimer (Washougal, Washington) rods. Their warranties are GOLD so they do get their rods back in a few more bits and pieces for repair on occasion. Ship Happens ... :>(

    Odds are good they have what you need.

  8. Carbon arrow shafts can work but limited sizes are available if your trying for a slip fit.

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