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    Just got back from my trip to South Africa, had an absolutely incredible time. My professional hunter is a truly masterful guide at age 24 and I've never seen anyone better. I'll be blogging about the trip over the next few weeks, there were way too many things that I saw and did to put into a single report. I took 9 antelope species, all were old animals with lots of character in their horns. One animal, a steenbok, may make Roland and Ward, we'll see when we measure it in about 8 months. Funny, it was the smallest animal shot and may prove to be the biggest trophy. Anyway, great to be home, 30 hours enroute coming back, I'm tired, jet lagged and still coming down from the wonderful time I had. This is the steenbok that might make the book.


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    Glad your trip was such a success, and I can't wait to get filled in with stories, pictures and details!
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    Beautiful photo, Karl, congratulations!
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    Looking forward to a detailed report with many pics
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    Nice, Karl. I envy you such an adventure & look forward to living vicariously thru your pending posts & photos.