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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Scott Behn, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. I don't know about everyone else, but I love fishing old school rods. I just took this into the shop on Tuesday and brought it home today. I just wanted to get it back on the water for the local fishies, then when the river closes for the season I bring it back in and totally refinish her. She is an 8 1/2 3 piece glass rod. This is the old type glass so it is a little heavier then rods from the fenwick glory days.

    She throws a mean wf 8wt line with ease.

  2. Hahhaah :) I *LOVE* the look of those old school glass rods. Personally I've got an old 8wt Heddon out in the garage. it's fine to chuck line with on the lawn, but I can't bring myself to fish it for real cause it's friggin HEAVY!
  3. Yeah it's a wee bit heavy, but lighter then my bamboo. I'm going to end up sticking a 2" fighting butt on this one after the season closes. It balances well when I put my hand around the blank just in front of the cork.

  4. Nice looking rod, Scott. Are those single foot snakes? They look like it but I think I see two wraps for each, so I'm not sure.

    I used an 8 1/2 foot (6 wt) Fenwick glass (circa 1970), which I've refurbished, as my primary tool for pinks up in Alaska last year (caught several hundred). Since its action is quite slow and soft, some of the bigger bucks really put a bend in it. Loads of fun!

  5. No all I use are the traditional snake guides. I really don't like the looks of the single wire fly guides. I tried some on my Cutthroat rod (7wt) last year and not only does it not look right to me, but when line shoots through the guides the damn thing humms...

  6. Must be RECoils.... suck dude.... :( People make complaints about those all the time. They do last forever, but the noise stinks!

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