South Bend no. 290

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  1. Purchased this vintage rod looking for value, collector status and would like to find extra tip or have one made. In my internet searches these were made from1939 - 1952. This one has the rectangular decals which were made post WWII. The rod is 7 1/2', 5/6 wt, 2-0, with original rod bag. Some feel that this rod the best South Bend made. Any opinion or information would be greatly appreciated. The rod is in very good condiition. If you care to email
  2. Collector status is near zero unless the rod is in immaculate, as new condition.

    The 290 has been a popular rod since it was introduced. There are many thousands of them still available. Because of the availability the value stays low.
    However, a 290 in good fishing condition is still a popular rod but condition is paramount for resale value. Very good condition means both butt and tip sections original and the same 45 1/2" length, 2 tips, good varnish, working reel seat (metal preferable to plastic), all guides intact with no need to rewrap; all bamboo sections straight, with no damage, hook digs, or splits in the cane; and a good cork grip with no chunks missing, or nibbled from hooks. Original bag and tube.
    A 290 in very good condition might go for as much as $300+ but can be found by the patient buyer for less, sometimes considerably less in good fishable condition. Having an extra tip made will not change the sale value by much. Possibly not as much as it costs to have the tip made.

    What you have is a good low priced fishing rod but not a collectors piece by any means. Take it out and fish it, you might like it.

  3. Thank you very much for your s

    Thank you very much for your s
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    Sorry for my unfinished reply, large fingers small keyboard.. Thank you for your advise and opnion. I am a novice. I lawn casted the rod and was pleased with it. I did not know that there were many available but would be interested if someone had a extra tip.
  5. I paid more than $300.00 for a 290 rebuilt by Michael Sinclair. He is a master of the bamboo art. Go fish your rod. I like mne very much.

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