South Fork Boise River

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  1. Bruce Baker

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    I went over to Idaho last week to interview for a job with IDF&G and made a side trip to visit some friends in Fairfield. My buddy and his wife took me to the South Fork Boise River and we did some dry fly fishing for a few hours. Had a blast. Hooked 6 fish and landed 5. I did not have a landing net with me so I was releasing the fish as fast as possible, so I didn't take any pics nor get any measurements. My best guess is that three of them were in the 11"-13" range. All rainbows. My friend's wife took a few photos of the river and some spawning kokanee. What a nice stream and awsome access.

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  2. Gary Thompson

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    Hope ya get the job.
  3. Skysoldier

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    Very nice! GL with the job.
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    Nice report. As a former IDFG employee, I spent a fair amount of time there. Cool area. Outside of Boise you don't really hear about it too much. Below Anderson Res. the fish are more abundant... and a lot bigger, however there is a lot more traffic from anglers.