South Fork (Snake) in July?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by creekx, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. creekx

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    Anyone here fished the South Fork in Idaho? We're looking at taking a couple days out of our annual July Yellowstone trip to try something different. Thinking of heading south to hit the South Fork below Palisades. We are DIY'ers with a RO Skiff, and we're thinking of doing the canyon stretch. Any advice on float stretches, shuttles, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Salmo_g

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    Only fished it once, and it was mid-July. I floated DIY in the Achilles LT-2 from a launch about 6 miles upstream of a main hwy crossing, can't remember the name or number. It was a high runoff year, and flow was 20,000 cfs, so I fished tight to the bank and in a side channel had the best day of dry fly fishing in my life. PMDs and little yellow stones, sizes 16 & 18. Had to quit, it hurt my eyes from watching tiny dries in bright sunlight all afternoon, even with polarized sunglasses.

    Shuttles are available through a shop on the road that's along the river.

  3. Bob Newman

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    The canyon reach is 26 miles long, a very long float for a day trip. A lot of people make it a two day float and camp at the designated campsites in the canyon so they can actually spend some time fishing the water rather than flying by. There are a few drifts upstream that are pretty good.

    That being said, in July you will be fishing nymphs and streamers, the dry fly fishing doesn't seem to take off really well until August.
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    Pallisdades to connet is awsome as of last week we will hit it mid next week, if you need a guide try the south fork lodge short night drifts on the HF from aston to chester are also popping now