south fork snoqualmie "report"

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  1. oh man, what a day.

    spent the first hour scouting/casting but then found what looked like the best water yet about 3/4mi down stream from where i parked (mind you im new to this so what i think may be great water could be the worst water out there). was seeing some surface action on the far bank so i slowly waded out and it literally felt like every cast i was getting a bite. i have never before discovered my own fishing hole so please understand why i am so excited.

    within an hour or so in the same 30yd stretch of stream (was right below some rapids in what looked like deeper water with some sizable boulders submerged but visible) i got 11 fish to hand, all on dry flies. i honestly felt like i was cheating out there. the first 7 or so were on a #14 black EHC but after failling to set the hook a few times in a row i checked my fly to realize that the end of the hook had actually broken off (i must have pinched it too hard/bent it when removing the barb). i then threw out a #18 grey EHC and it seemed to work just as well. most fish were in the 8-10" range I'd assume (no means of measuring for me) but there were two that were clearly larger (probably around 12", but I could be very wrong on that). by the way, besides EHC and I've heard orange stimulators, what other flies would you suggest i try swinging out there?
  2. Heck ya man good job! Find stimulators with a CDC under wing and rubber legs.
  3. Awesome. I've had some of my best days fishing up there. Good for you.

    As for flies--most standard dries will work about now. Adams, EHC, Wulff patterns: you name it and you'll probably catch some fish on it. No cheating involved--you figured it out and had a good day fishing.
  4. Nice work! Glad you found fish and got into em!
  5. Well done.
  6. Great report. The Forks are a blast for small fish. The South Fork was the reason i bought my 2wt.
  7. I'm not to far ahead of you experience wise. My first trip was with a guide and I caught a few big ones but had no idea how it happened. Then for the next six months or so I fished for trout in moving water quite a bit but didn't get anything. Then last summer I hit a nearby creek and figured it out like you did. The first fish I caught up there came as a shock because I couldn't belive that I actually had one. I think I just sat and looked at it for awhile before releasing it. That day I caught about 30 fish and learned more about reading water than I had in the 10 skunkings that the Yak had handed me.
  8. Fly fishing is a load of fun when you are catching fish. Hell it's even fun if you aren't. Good times to be had. Keep it up.
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  9. You might try small nymphs or soft hackles in addition to dries. It's hard to imagine switching strategies when something works well, but heck, you might find something that works even better.

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  10. As a confirmed Soft Hackle whore, I must wholeheartedly agree with Kent on this matter. I catch larger fish with wet presentations than dry presentations.
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  11. Nice report and congratulations on a successful exploration.
  12. You're doomed! Congratulations.

  13. Nice report! I can almost see the grin on your face, through the words on the page/screen.
  14. Great going.

    That was my river of first success, also back in the mid 90's.

    I went on to chase bigger fish, but have returened to that river for the past 5 years. It is now my favorite fly fishing spot.

    Enjoy. Not all fly fishing has to be for trophy trout in super pressured waters.
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  15. Outstanding. the soft hackle advice is solid, but nothing beats the excitement of a surface take. Congrats.

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