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  1. Rick Todd

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    I just returned from two weeks in New Zealand with my wife. I got in 8 days of guided fly fishing while my wife did some hiking and sightseeing. What a beautiful country! My wife said that it is the one place we have visited where she could see living. The mountains, farms (called "stations"), and the very neat, tidy towns were a treat, and the "Kiwi" hospitality was remarkable! I fished 4 days around Wanaka (Makarora, Manuhirukiri, Auhriri, and Matukituki) and 4 days around Gore (Mataura, Oreti, and a couple lakes.) New zealand has fewer fish per mile than our rivers, and a good set of eyes (like your guides!) is essential to success. The fish are also much larger than most of our rivers (although some Montana Rivers like the Missouri and Big Horn can grow some pretty big trout and certainly you see some monsters at Rocky Ford and Silver Creek). Here are a few I caught! Rick

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  2. Rick Todd

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    A few more!

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  3. Dave Ellis

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    Great pictures! I had the privilege of living in NZ for 3 years in the early 80s - so I know just what you mean about "Kiwi" hospitality (they still actually like Americans) and the great natural beauty of the country - it is a great place to live and obviously a great place to fly fish. I only fished one time in the 3 years I was there :beathead:
  4. Jim Grant

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    Excellent pics, thanks for sharing. May I ask which guide you went with? So many to choose from down there....
  5. Awesome. Are there bears, panthers, killer moose, poisonous snakes or spiders on NZ South?

  6. Rick Todd

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    In Wanaka we used Ian Horrax-Wanaka Fishing Guides and in Gore Casey Cravens organized it. I went with a group of 12 fly fishers and we had several different guides during our stay. As you no doubt know, NZ, unlike Alaska, has no dangerous animals although the sand fleas can be a pain! rick
  7. Jim Grant

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    I fished with Casey Cravens for 2 days this past December....had a wonderful time, he does a great job, and knows the waters very well.
    Hope to get back there one day.

    Did you fish the lakes with Ian? Tried my hand in Lake Wanaka on my own and caught a few nice fish blindfishing near small inlets...some fat fish in there!

  8. Those damn sand fleas! But actually I wasn't sure about the dangerous wildlife, thanks for the heads up. Stunning scenery, great photos. Thanks for the post.

  9. mrgando

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    Fishing with a landscape like that must be awesome. Looking to go there when I get a decent salary :D

    awesome pictures!
  10. Rick Todd

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    I didn't actually fish with Casey-he guided some of the other guys in our group. While in Wanaka, I only fished in the rivers, but some in our group fished the Hunter River and it's outlet into the Lake. We fished the Mavora Lakes up near the headwaters of the Oreti River and it was all sight fishing on the flats for big cruisers-had some looks but no takers in the lake that day! From Indonesia, you have a little shorter flight than I do, although I got a non-stop from Vancouver BC (only 45 minutes from my house, especially with a Nexus card) to Auckland and in arrived 1/2 hour early so less than 13 hours. Rick
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    I would prefer a angry Grizzly to those Southern Alps black flies any day of the week. I had the privilege to spend 6 months down there. If anyone is heading down there, I have a quite a few road/foot accessible secret spots that are no use to me 13,000 miles away, so I might be able to point you towards some fish if you don't want to pay for a guide.

    And don't forget to take a rifle down there because there are some cool "invasive species" that taste pretty darn good.
  12. Scout172

    Scout172 Bait sucks

    Amazing pics! One of my dream trips is to go to NZ for trout and bluewater flyfishing. Awesome place...

    Paul W

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