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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by pez, Feb 12, 2005.

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    John, when I first started SRC ff a couple of years ago, the initial advice I received was: 1) always fish on the incoming tide, 2) always fish on the outgoing tide, 3) only the middle two hours of a fast tide, 4) the two hours before and after a peak tide. Well, that set me straight. :beathead:

    Further research, including Les Johnson's book, gave me a clue as to why the disparate advice: each beach seems to have a distinct tide phase it fishes best; explore and learn.

    From what I can tell, a good part of it has to do with the currents formed from a moving tide on the underwater structure, and how that impacts the presentment of bait fish to predator fish. But I have certainly experienced the hot yesterday / nothing today from SRC on the same beach, as they simply move around a lot. It seems to be the nature of the SRC fishing that you search a beach for a riser, a follower, a boil or a hit, or otherwise move on to another beach.

    I agree, there seems to be a factor involved with the low light / zooplankton cycle, as well as other factors (barometer drop, moon phase, etc.), but I never heard of anyone that has that figured out beyond an interesting point of discussion while the fishing was slow, or over beers. Every time you think you see a pattern, the exceptions destroy any correlation you try to make.

    In the final analysis, I have adopted the often heard mantra: "the best time to fish is when you can". I have had some of my best days fishing SRC when I went to the beach because I needed the time out, and everything was running against all of the tendencies I thought I had figured out, and stumbled into an incredible day of fishing. I do believe the elusiveness of SRC is part of what make them so captivating a quarry.

    I would hope to one day have a better understanding of it all than just the Zen-like, "it is what it is". Now that I've shared my un-enlightened position thoroughly, I can go back to work and maybe someone with lengthy experience can shed some light.
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    Well... It is my experience that the cutts fish better on a fast tides because the fast moving water concentrates the bait-fish. In Hamersley the fast tide in the spring and summer are during the daytime. It turns out, that some of the best fishing grounds are exposed during an out-going tide In Hamersley. Another thing to think of is the nature of a narrow inlet that on different tides (flood or ebb) the eddys will be in different areas of the inlet on different tides. I look at the water in Hamersley similar to a river that flows two directions. I fish the incoming tide in different places than I fish the outgoing tide.
    As a matter of fact this coming Saturday we will have the first decent tide in the afternoon. Low tide in Shelton will be around 2:30 PM with an eleven foot drop. If you guys want to launch from my place at noon or so, we can fish the bottom of the tide and be back at the house around 4PM plus or minus. We would fish from the Libby Point area to Cape Horn and back. Give it some thought, and let me know what you guys want to do, but I'll be fishing that tide for sure, and your company is welcome.
    and John, if your boat doesn't arrive by the weekend you can borrow something in the shop that floats.
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    That certainly is an interesting theory. I have to say I don't know much about plankton habits but it does make me wonder :hmmm: . Certainly I stop eating if I'm full. I have looking at an older book "Fly fishing estauries" and it has similar advice to what Salt Dog said. I guess I'll just have to keep trying to figure it out.

    Tomc, I'll get back to you about this weekend. May have to load up the pontoon boat and head your way. I'll PM you if I can.

    John, no worries on not catching fish Sunday. It was just nice to share the beach with like minded folks and pick up a few pointers. Next time might be gang busters.