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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Clay Carney, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Took the boat out in the south sound yesterday for a few hours and all day today. Yesterday we had lots of action on Clousers and poppers. Today we had to look for the south facing beaches due to the wind and the fishing was hit and miss until the last couple of hours when we hit the jackpot, clousers and poppers, lots of action and lots fun. All resident silvers in the 14"-16" range but only one SRC that was about 15". The fishing was good enough to put the rod down for a few minutes to video some of the violence on the popper... fish porn to come in a few days. Headed out again tomorrow.
  2. The video I shot is in QuickTime format and I am having trouble posting it to the site. Here is a pic of a really nice cutt that Mark caught yesterday.

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  3. nice. man, I'm really planning on getting at least a 17' aluminum boat.. someday.
  4. Nice work. I'm heading out this weekend, on foot though so I won't be able to cover as much water as you. The boat is the way to go.
  5. Nice cutt.

  6. Boston Whaler. Unsinkable. Casting platform. They look cool, plus - chicks dig 'em.

  7. I've got an 8 foot whaler dinghy if anyones interested. I'd like to trade it for a larger boat 10-12 feet something for the lakes around here.

  8. Pictures?
  9. And another.

  10. Sweet, what did you use to shoot those?
  11. Cool videos, there is some guy giggling his ass off in the background though, very distracting from the fish porn! I have a helmet cam from my snowboarding, maybe I'll rig it on my fishin' hat.
  12. That was the camera guy doing the giggling. The guy working the popper was all business.

    Good job with the videos Clay. We need to get some high-end camera equipment for the next outing.

    I was fogged out today. Visibility was only a couple of hundred feet, and I was not about to head across the sound in that.
  13. Dang, fisherman with his own camera guy. I'm thinking that I'm not in that same league.
  14. My camera can video as well as pictures, nothing fancy. The fishing was good enough that I didn't mind taking a break to do some filming. It was a good day.
  15. Mine does the same. My buddy and I have experimented with making a few short films ( I'm in the market for better gear, it's too much fun to be able to fish - then watch it again and again whenever you want.

    You can get a decent camera for a couple hundred.
  16. My fuji finepix does video too, but I'm too busy hooting and hollering, fumbling with stripped in fly line and rod in one hand too. Not sure how the camera fits into that scene. Anyone ever heard the term rubber monkey f@$%!ng a football...that would be me trying to film my own fishing.
  17. I'm with ya on that one, clutsy as I am with a fish on (rare) I just can't visualize myself trying to film at the same time!!

    That being said, I bought a new Olympus 850SW (Shock & Waterproof) last week at Best Buy for $229 + 4 gig card & adapter + plus tax = $287 that does both video & still. After testing it out at a local river several times this past week in both modes I'm very impressed with the quality of the pics/videos and the ease of use with the camera.

    I also managed to check out the claim of "waterproofness" (to a depth of 3.1 meters) by falling in the river after finally deciding to fish in the midst of the mob....didn't catch anything but the camera survived intact! Glad I was wearing my wading-belt and wool shirt over my cotton turtle-neck & polyester shirt & polyester long-johns. Got soaked but was able to fish for another 1 1/2 hours before getting a bit chilled. Probably would have lasted longer without the dang cotton turtle neck tho.....

    It was interesting to watch so many catching fish and showing mutual respect for one another and even to the fish as most were released humanely (relatively). I think most were well over 20 lbs and in fairly good shape for being that far up river!

    Didn't do much fishing over the 5 days I was off, due mostly to what I percieved to be "unfavorable tides" in the know, very high High-tides and very high Low-tides which doesn't leave much room to cast OR wade in the areas I normally fish the salt. When you only have 3 feet or so difference between high & low it doesn't leave much room or time!

    But then, I'm so green at this there must be a way to do it, judging by some of the other posts/threads herein....I just continue to wallow in my own ignorance....:beathead::beathead:


  18. Wade a bit farther out and cast parallel to the shore. It works.
  19. Peter, check out They've got some great boat plans available you can work on at a leisure pace. "Someday" could be be only a few months or weeks away.:thumb:

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