South Sound Report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by High Flyin, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Went out this morning before football. Area 13. Fished for and hour and a half with this as the view from the beach as I showed up.
    photo (1).JPG
    Does it get much better?

    My superstiton, is that I have a hard with catching fish on the first cast (bad luck) so I generally make a bad cast. Well, first cast was ok because I hooked a SRC. Not the one below. 5 minutes later I got this one on a homemade fly named after my daughter.
    photo (2).JPG

    About 10 minutes later was this guy. It was bigger than it looks but still a rezzie. photo (3).JPG

    Then at the end I had a few friends join me.
    photo (4).JPG
    Ended the day with a half dozen or so SRC to hand. Saw a couple silvers jumping but far out of casting distance. I was the only one on on the beach and it was a great morning.
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  2. High Flyin Member

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    Well, since the first report had a such great responses.....Sarcasim.... Let's try again. I went out this even to the same area in search of more cutts and rezzies in the South Sound. I grabbed my 6wt, new home made flies, waders, ect and started driving south. It was a weak incoming tide and got 6 rezzies, the hours or so I was there. On the walk out I fould a rip that I haven't fish before. I then tied on a very odd, fly that most people would laugh at me with. 5 minutes later, surprise!!!! Fish on and this one tugged a little more than the rezzies. It ended being a 3-4 lbs clipped silver. Well, that was unexpected. I gave it the wood shampoo and thought to try it again. 10 minutes later got the bigger one. I could see it following my fly and used "Professor DimeBright" and "Doctor Stonefish" advice to get it to hit. Thanks guys. This one went deep into my backing. Played it for a bit then on the beach. Limit time to go home and see the kiddos.
    photo (5).JPG
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    Niccceeee! What do you think for size of the second fish?

    ps. I read and enjoyed your first report too, but have the coho fever too much to contribute to src discussions.
  4. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Now that sounds like one hell of a good evening. Nice work. I fished the last couple hours till dark in area 9. Saw several fish caught but no love for me.
  5. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Nice work Chris. Time to fire up the BBQ!
  6. Puget Sound Pimp Banned or Parked

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    Coho have me good, haven't even thought about SRC's.
  7. Tony James Member

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    Well done - thanks for sharing!
  8. rotato Active Member

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    Sweet limit!
    Anything in the bellies?
  9. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    Nice going....
    I know that beach with the
    sun coming up...Looks
    very G vue ish.

  10. High Flyin Member

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    Been working. Their bellies were full with herring. I will be back at it this week.
  11. rotato Active Member

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    Good news

    The fish I saw today were porpoising and staging and not feeding
  12. Bryce Comstock New Member

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    Wow looks goods Awesome!
  13. High Flyin Member

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    Going to go give it a shot in the morning. SRC to be exact. As of now I am taking my boat but if it is super cold then I am just going to drive to the beach. Pics to follow if it is anything worth posting. Went out last week and had a few but nothing to write home about...