South Sound Resident Coho action heating up!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Steve Knapp, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, It's been a while since I have posted a fishing report.... (Roger titled this thread obviously) work has owned me for the last 6 weeks, and I haven't fished at all, much less even looked at the vice. Roger has been torturing me with ridiculous PM's about dozens of fat resident coho jumping into his boat and how you don't even need a fly and how good they taste and how we need to get together and fish... all really helpful information as I head off to work instead of Puget Sound once again.

    This morning our schedules worked out and we met up to try and find some residents. We launched Roger's boat about 9 am, and 10 mintues later we were both fighting brilliant, fat 15" resident coho. We cruised up and down several beaches in Rogers favorite part of resident coho fishing, The Hunt. Resident coho love to chase flies, but they're tough to keep track of. One minute you're getting strikes on every cast, and suddenly you realize you haven't had a hit in a couple minutes. As you scan the water, you notice a fish jump a hundred yards away, and then another, and another. This is when Roger starts yelling orders, "There they are!!!!" "Lines in, lets go, they're heading south!" "Is the anchor up yet?" Within seconds we're motoring after the ever elusive school of maurading coho.

    Captain Ahab and his White Whale...sorry Roger
    DSCN1967 (800x600).jpg

    One of the best parts of fishing for these Puget Sound winter gems is their pack mentality. You can see 2-5 fish chasing your fly until one hits it, turns, and flashes. Then others keep chasing their hooked brother, sure that he is onto some amazing bait. Anyone who has fished for residents knows how frustrating it can be from the beach. Running up the shoreline after a couple jumpers can get old quick, since once you get to them, you notice that they have moved to exactly where you just were. Having a boat is pretty helpful, although not always necessary, to chase schools down and check out multiple beaches quickly and thoroughly.

    DSCN1965 (800x600).jpg DSCN1966 (800x600).jpg DSCN1970 (800x600).jpg DSCN1971 (800x600).jpg

    Fly of the day was without a doubt your standard chartruese over white clouser, shocking I know. We did manage a couple fish on topwater sliders, and had some fantastic acrobatic misses as well. The weather was perfect with warm temps, good cloud cover, and only enough breeze to break up the surface. We fished the 2 hours before and after a low. We did keep a limit for dinner tonight, and they were outstanding.

    DSCN1972 (800x600).jpg
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  2. Wow! I'm jealous.

    Nice report and thanks for it! :)
  3. Great report Steve. It gave me a smile on an otherwise bad day.
  4. Wow! Nice report guys. Keep 'em coming!

  5. Steve:

    I weighted each fish which I kept. Each one was just under 1 1/4 lbs and + 15 inches. Quality above average resident coho for this time of year! One of the fish that I kept had a mixture of euphausiids(white/transparent) and amphipods(reddish/brown) in it's stomach. Plus with all the sea gull activity there should be a good food supply around for a while to hold the resident coho in the area and get much larger over the next couple of months. This winter's resident coho fisheries keeps looking even more promising.

    Sorry for the long arm picture but Steve told me to do that to make the fish look bigger plus everyone else does that;).

    Wading Boot:

    I am in the process of mentoring Steve on wording of post titles:D. He is a quick learner;).

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  6. Thanks guys, glad you liked the report! it was an awesome day, and just another reason why I love living here in WA. One of the coho I harvested had a big 4" herring in its belly, the other was empty, so I guess some are eating well anyway. With the amount of food around, these fish should be growing like crazy. It would be nice if they stuck around for a couple more months.

    Now Roger, I would never tell you to long arm a fish for a photo, thats just crazy!
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  7. Great report Steve! Now I'm wondering if I want to brave the nasty weather today, but I just might!
  8. Roger here is my headline response:

    Knapp's South Sound Success Incites Complex Mix of Admiration and Jealousy
  9. I hope all of those resident silvers hang out in MA-9 and MA-10 this July and August. Those 1.25 pound squirts will become scrappy 3-6 pounders by summertime. Depends on Puget Sound baitfish concentrations this spring and summer.
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  10. Steve:

    It is awesome that one of your fish had a 4" herring in it's stomach. It helps to explain why so many resident coho seemed to be above average for this time of year. If they keep feeding on herring for the next couple of months, the resident coho could easily be 2 1/2 lbs or more by sometime in Feb.

    P.S. Steve Rohrbach has told me a couple of times that Steve Knapp is "a fish catching guy". I agree and have had the opportunity to see him in action a few times. Plus I have learned from him to change patterns to find one that the resident coho like. I tend stick too long with the "proven" olive/white clouser minnow.

    If any of you get the chance to watch Steve Rohrbach or Steve Knapp demonstrate tying saltwater patterns, do not miss the opportunity. They are extremely creative, "master" tiers.


  11. Ah yes, Roger definitely knows how to find them and when he does you better listen!

    Great post Steve and Roger.

    If I can't shake this steelhead funk monkey off my back the next time out I may have to shake it off in some saltwater..:D
  12. Great report Steve! Thanks for sharing! I need to get my boat down there and give it a go this winter. Hope work settles with the new year - we need to meet out on the water again.
  13. Nice report guys, I'm getting really pumped about the rezzie's I'm hearing about and catching, not only the size but numbers as well, I think we might be in for a exceptional year.....I hope, I hope, I hope!
  14. That was a nice rezzie you posted on the Coho/SRC ID thread Mark, hopefully we continue to find them... and they continue to get fat!
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  15. Great thread guys! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the informative report.
  16. Nice report! We caught our limit of (and my first!) resident Coho last Friday and examined the stomach contents. My 2 fish had 100% krill as their last meals. They were around 14" in length.

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