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  1. Today was my virginal attempt at fishing the salt. Having skimmed Les Johnsons book, (skimmed-not read) and having tied a few of the flies from the book as well as suggestions from the board, I headed on down to the salt. "Who needs a stripping basket", I told myself, "It can't be that much different from a stream or lake." I pulled into the parking lot, jumped out and watched as 2 other fishermen made their casts. Then it happened, fish were jumping all over the place. It was the fastest I've ever geared up in a long long time. Again recalling several posts and suggestions from another site, I began to make my casts. I watched with envy as the other fishermen put bends in their sticks. My mouth salivating with the thought that soon I'd have a bend as well.
    Stripping back my line I began to collect the coils in my hand. On my next cast, a big old ball of knot stuck in my first guide. Needless to say this replayed it self over and over. The fish taunting me as they jumped. I wasnt sure if the stifled laughter came from the other fly guys or from the fish, or from within myself. I'm sure I was entertaining to someone today.
    An hour later I was stepping out with my tail tightly between my legs. I was approached by the 2 fishermen who introduced themselves to me. They asked to see my fly and nodded with approval. They also gave me suggestions and tips that would have taken me several trips to figure out. One of them also gave me several flies to try as well as duplicate on my own vise at home.
    I thanked them and started back to my truck. On the way to my truck another fly fisherman stopped and offered me more sage advice, which I gladly soaked up like a sponge. Once in the parking lot I passed another fly fisherman gearing up. He too offered some hints and introduced himself to me.
    I thanked him as well. Internally I thanked all of them for making me feel welcome and for helping to broaden my knowledge. I also cursed the fish that continued to laugh, and vowed a hasty return.
    So now I'd like to publicly thank all those fine fishermen I met this morning. The comraderie of our sport at times is overwhelming. Rest assured when I'm able and knowledgeable, I too will pass on what I know. I believe in Karmic retribution and cant help think what comes around goes around. Hopefully someone will be appreciative of me, when it's my turn to bring it around.

    mark :thumb:
  2. Where was this secret spot known only to a couple hundred other diehards, doc's?

  3. With the rivers the way they are and its looks like more rain to come, I have been considering trying the salt. However, I don't have clue where to go. The South Sound is large area. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  4. I am just learning the salt but the south sound is the cool place to be right now. I am not giving away a secret place when I tell you to start at Purdy. I have had a great time on the ebb tide (when the tide is going out). I have hooked into both SRC and Silvers there. Next, go buy a really good atlas and find any place a river, stream or drain pipe flows into the Sound and have at it.

    I took a Salt water fishing class from Creekside first which hastend the learning curve a bunch.
  5. Jeff,

    Thank you for your input. I'll Have to go on a scouting mission.

  6. What I don't understand about new people is that the questions that they ask. Where to go for this type of fish or what flies to use. This is one of the most informative sites out here in internet land. All you need to do is use the search thingy here and you will reap tons of info on these subjects. Searun Cutts have been discussed here many time and there is tons of info here on them.

    Maybe Chris needs a FAQ site on what where or how to fish for each kind of fish. It sure would cut down on the same questions being asked all the time.

    Now I'm done with my ranting for the day. Will stick to kinder issues the rest of the day. I hope I didn't offend anyone as it was not my intention to.

    Jim...Still grouchy :beathead:
  7. For all the SRC newbies out there, there was a very informative article in northwest flyfishing about a year ago, probably the closest to a which rock to stand on article or info you'll find, and it goes through techniques.

    Tightlines, Will

    PS-I never use a stripping basket.
  8. Jim...

    I sure hope you get to do some fishing or whatever it is you need to do to get the kinks out! ;)

    I remember being a newcomer here a couple of years ago and in retrospect, I'd say my first few questions were rather general and probably tempted some of the veterans to roll their eyes and wish I'd used the search engine instead. But somehow, no one did, and except for a private lecture I got one time over the infamous "desert spring creek" controversy, I was warmly welcomed and pretty quickly felt like I was part of the family.

    Truthfully, if someone had responded to my very first question with some off-handed suggestion to do some research first and then come back, I'd have probably blown off the site altogether. I'd do the same if I walked into a flyshop and asked for some "newbie" help, only to have the staffperson suggest I do some research first and then come back with a question more worthy of consideration.

    You're right - there's a tremendous amount of information right here at your fingertips and no one should expect to be taken by the hand, literally or figuratively, and shown exactly where to fish, when, how, and with what method and fly. But until one gets a little confidence under the belt, it's nice to at least feel like you're not blazing that trail all alone and there's people out there willing to help.

    That's something this site delivered to me right from the start. :thumb:

    Personally, there's hardly a day that goes by that I don't wish I had more to contribute. I'm still a newcomer compared to most of this crowd, I think, so I do way more listening than talking when it comes to actual fishing, and I keep hoping I'll start paying back those dues in time.
  9. Hey Mike. Did you ever use any of those flies that I traded to you for that sinking line. At least that line got me down to a nice fish. A 18" cutt in Lake 16 last spring.

  10. MAYBE, they don't know enough about the site to understand that they can do the search thingy, so therefore they ask questions because this is a very informative site with a lot of informative people willing to give advice to people who do not know any better. Grouch :p :p :p :p :p :p
  11. Ditto, what i already said. oooooooooooooops
  12. The reason for the rant was it seems like when ever anybody new gets on here they all ask the same questions :beathead: . If I was going someplace new I would do a little checking to see what is what. But as old as I am I really don't give a rats ass about anything :p . Except I wish the rivers would drop into some kind of fishable shape before I go completely nuts. :mad: bawling:

  13. Head to the Salt :p
  14. Jim,

    So are you suggesting that we newbies to the board should PM you with questions first? That way we could get your blessing as whether the question is worthy of the board. God forbid we waste your valuable time in the general forum.

    I did look into the "search" that you suggested. The problem is, one has sift your numerous replies to the main subject that have absolutely no bearing on the subject.

  15. Don't take Old man to heart, he is a good guy that tries to give as much info. as possable, i think he just hasn't been laid in awhile so he is a little moody.
  16. "i think he just hasn't been laid in awhile so he is a little moody." :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  17. But everyone isn't you...

    And look at it this way, because newbies ask these types of questions, it gives you the chance to get extra posts complaining! I bet that has inflated your post total by 25%!


  18. Oh the hell with it. I think that I have just about had it with giving out any info. If anybody needs any info on where to go or what to use your going to have to get it someplace else. No more mister nice guy. My lips are sealed and your all going to have to do your own exploring I'm done giving out any info.

    Jim.... And I am now grouchier :mad:
  19. ....all for Jim to head-up the Welcoming Committee...say AYE!
    :rofl: :rofl:

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