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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by w84ward, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. w84ward

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    Hi all --

    New to forum and looking for some info. I live on Vashon, and have yet to try fishing in my own backyard... Anyone have any experience wade fishing for SRC's or anything else for that matter on Vashon?

    What about gear? I have a 5/6wt and an boat, tho... :confused:

  2. Stonefish

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    Camp Sealth area
  3. D3Smartie

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    the 5/6 with a floater or light sink would be good. The 8 is too big IMO for cuthroats.
  4. ibn

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    Check out KVI at the end of an incoming tide.,-122.433722&spn=0.019891,0.020084&t=k&hl=en

    I've done well off Pt Robinson from my boat, not sure what access is like there, I do see folks walking on the beach.,-122.374756&spn=0.019891,0.020084&t=k&hl=en

    Check out for more aerial beach photos of wa.

    As for gear a 5/6 is fine, I like a clear line and a clauser. Read up on what kind of water to look for when fishing for SRC's, I'd sudgest searching the archives of this forum, there have been a lot of posts about it, you can probably find some info on Vashon as well.

  5. Denny

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    I agree with the others; a 5/6 is your best choice for searuns.
  6. gregs

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    i would suggest what gets suggested often--do a search on this site for sea runs and you will find a wealth of information. equipment, flies, locations, tactics all of that and more can be found through a simple search. have fun.

  7. Griswald

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    Sent you a pm.