South Sound Squimp migration in full swing !!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mark Mercer, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Sorry, couldn't resist using that title.... At a undisclosed MA13 location the fight was on, best day I've had for some time and lasted through high slack before slowing down. I seldom take SRC pictures anymore but couldn't help myself today. Landed many between 13" and 17" but most were around 14". The squimp caught most but I also caught some on a very small clouser around 2" long, using a 5wt, floating line and long leader, takes were very soft and a slow retrieve was paramount....

    All fish were released unharmed !!!! I was the only one shaken up !!!

    DSCN2748.jpg DSCN2750.jpg DSCN2751.jpg DSCN2752.jpg DSCN2755.jpg
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  2. Looks like a great day Mark. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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  3. Beautiful fish and nice report, Mark!

    I've been thinking of tying up some more shrimpy looking flies lately.

    Thanks for the inspiration and goad!!

    I've been housebound for the last four days with a really nasty cold and can't wait to hit the beach again!
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  4. That's awesome Mark!!! Those are very healthy and fat Searun's! I'm more than ready to get out there soon, and we should start finding some nice rezzies as well.
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  5. So great. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Cool! Was planning on getting out on Friday and Saturday. Do you by chance have a closer pic of that fly?
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  7. Looks like an epic day
    Well done
    Squimp pic + 1
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  8. Hey thanks guy's it was a fun day...Here's a picture of a cutthroat squimp and there is a SBS in the fly tying section if you want to check it out....

    Have a great turkey day tomorrow everyone !!!!

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  9. Nice fish!

    Has anyone ever tried fishing GP's for SRCs?
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  10. Killer cool Mark! Fantastic day out, I may have to try and sneak some SRC time tomorrow. Glad you got out and had a good session!
    I also love that fly, my go to pattern 90% of the time!
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  11. Great report Mark! Guess I should have been there! I think I have this nasty cold beat, finally, so hopefully I'll probably be around this weekend to chase some!
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  12. Yes, years ago when I tied alot of GP's for steelhead I tried them for cutts with not much luck, I thought they'd work well but I think most shrimp that size tend to be in deep water so figured cutt's probably didn't see them that often. Anyway thats were the idea came from, these are tied on a #6 and #8 hook.

    Actually that is the second version, here's a pic of the original. I think they both work about the same but the rabbit, red GP breast feather gives it a little more realism.... Probably doesn't matter to the fish.....

  13. Yes, thanks for sharing! Looks like it was a good day. Your updated Squimp looks pretty hot, but I'll have to tie some like your originals , since I don't have any Golden Pheasant breast feathers.
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  14. Interesting, thanks for sharing. When I get a bigger apt/house I want to get into fly tying. GF has too much shit everywhere in this 800sq ft place
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  15. Mark

    Excellent flies.

    You said that a slow retrieve was imperative.
    Does your retrieve vary relative to a slow, medium or fast current?
    And have you ever used a dead drift in the current with the fly?
  16. Thanks nic,
    yes current plays a part in your retrieve as does the line you're using. For cutt's I usually use as slow of retreive as possible but that depends on current/rip/ depth and line I'm using, also what I believe they're feeding on... I love dead drifting and swinging krill (and baitfish) patterns in fast rips and currents, just stripping enough to keep in contact with the fly using a hover/intermediate or floating line.... Hope this helps....

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  17. Great report Mark. Looks like you got in to them good! I like that fly too. Thanks for sharing!
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  18. It does.

    So you strip just enough to keep contact when you dead drift ... hmmm... you sound like a fisherman who's paid his dues.
    I believe Skues call it the sixth sense.
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  19. That's good to know about the dead drift/swing as it seems most people say you have to strip like a maniac to get cuts to strike. I've found this to be true in some cases but not all.
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  20. Silvers, strip as fast as you can, but not always necessary... Cutt's I've found much prefer a slower presentation unless they are really keying in on baitfish that they have too chase, but I think they will always take the easiest meal they can get with the least amount of effort, as most predators will.... Even if they're chasing bait they will look for the sick or wounded fish
    that's easy to grab, ( Poppers/sliders/gurglers are a good choice here)) so dead drifting a baitfish pattern will sometimes work when stripping fast doesn't, or at least this is my take on it and seems to work most of the time. Of course there's times when nothing works and I go home scratching my head, but that's fishing !!!!
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