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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tom Johnston, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Well after my pathetic Sunday morning of being a lazy ass and not putting on my gear to wet a line and a little insperation from Coach Duff I decided it was time to hit the salt. Ended up out on the water around 530 pm and started casting away. Landed on of them bull head????? fish, then a sea perch???, and finally rewared with 4 small SRC's! Stayed on the water till about 815pm and decided to call it quits. Seen the bigger ones splashing water ways out but nothing. Got to find a big one some day!
  2. strip faster if you are catching bullheads
  3. Yeah caught that thing on a clowser minnow, then switched up and caught the SRC's.
  4. Its been reeally sunny out lately, thats why some of the bigger fish might have been out a ways. Ive tended to notice on the cloudy days fish will tend to be closer to shore, stong tide currents also tend to bring them closer to shore, atleast thats been my recent observations. Went down to the beach today and caught one fish that was around 17in very early and once the sun came out nothing but small ones, must have caught 12 of those little guys. Saw some nice coho jumping out of my casting range but unless you have a boat what can you do but watch.

  5. Where did you fish at?
  6. Sounds like everyone is having the same results, our group hit the beach yesterday AM too, just mostly catching dinks 6-10.5" range. Larger fish could be seen pushing bait and slashing the surface, even saw some good jumpers in close. I got a few short strikes that seemed like they could've come from something bigger, but isn't that the way it goes - "that one that did'nt hook, it had to be bigger". Fun morning, good company and a few dinks, just puting in the dues till the show starts.
  7. Show starts? Salmon run?
  8. good on ya for getting out and off your ass. I couldnt get away from my honey do list this weekend. By the time i was done, I had no chance of getting out. :(

    and please, all of you, try to avoid catching tons of the little guys. They need all the help they can get
  9. I have also been catching a lot of little ones. I did manage an ok one a few days ago but the big ones have been alluding me.

    Hooker - I really dont think any of us are trying to catch the little cutty smolt. They seam to be the most agressive ones right now. If you are going to fish for bigger cutthroat you live with the fact that, yes you are going to catch the little ones and that it isnt good for them. It is just part of the process of catching the big ones and a part of life.

  10. i dont agree. I see people fish shallow current seams all the time and just catch 8-10 inch cutts one after another. many people are happy just to catch these fish one after another, but its the same as targeting steelhead smolts, LAME...
    There are a number of things one can do to minimize the harm to the small fish. Fish small hooks(tubes are a good way to do this) A #2 will brain the little guys easily.
    Fish bigger flies and/or surface flies.
    Not saying it wont happen, but there are a number of things fishermen can do to protect the resource.
  11. I have been fishing big/surface flies and thats what I have been ending up with. Casting far enough out to get to a little deeper water and see if I am rewarded with a big one.
  12. I havent even been targeting cutthroat. I have been after coho with massive clousers and been getting a lot of the 6-8 inch cutthroat. Also big cutts will hang out in the same places as little ones I have found (shallow current seams, close to shore, and where ever bait is concentrated).

  13. Found alot of bait balls and casted just past them, and stripped like a mad man. I have caught one decent one and that is it.
  14. Were you fishing down by Al's? I was kayaking out there this weekend with my girlfriend and her mom and saw tons of small herring or smolt jumping and a few large coho jumping further out and chasing baitfish near the surface. Saw a couple slightly smaller fish near shore that could possibly have been SRC. Wish I would've had my fly rod with me. Actually, I wish I would've fished down in that area more often when I was living around there.
  15. Ive never really done well at Al's, nice looking beach just lacking amounts of fish. Ive had a couple decent days but never numbers. My report was from purdy, walked down the beach a ways from the bridge when I got into the fish.

  16. I have never really walked down the beach really far, heard that the home owners dont like you to be out infront of there houses fishing.
  17. They can be a bit touchy about that at Purdy...
  18. Is there any good fishing on the Gig Harbor/Port Orchard side?
  19. Yes, there are a few HO's that believe they own the stretch of beach all the way down to the low tide mark. :rolleyes:
  20. So there property grows and shrinks with the tide? Gotta love it. Id be happy to let some one fish out infront of my place if I knew that it was a fishy spot. Just as long as they clean up after them selves.

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