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  1. With the current heatwave that we've been experiencing I've been out beach fishing early giving the trout a break, I've been going to a small point where the resident silvers have been hanging out and have had fairly good success catching them using a mix of patterns, clousers, tubeflies, and small baitfish deceiver type, the fish have been a pretty good mix of sizes say 10 to 18" but the main reason I started going to this particular beach is all the boats out fishing for blackmouth and my hopes of possibly getting into one. Yesterday morning I went out for a couple of hours at first light and there were small bait of some sort schooling around right up close to shore, the silvers were getting into them and on about every cast I was getting a tug or a small fish, when well within casting range it happened, what I had been hoping for, a huge salmon at least 20lbs jumped in close and then jumped again, it then attacked the bait right in front of me in about 6' of water no more than 10' from shore I cast stripped cast again without success trying to get my fly in front of the fish, I changed patterns casting right into the bait nothing, with shaking hands my heart rate way up with the excitment I changed patterns again, and again nothing, this fish was just chasing the bait up and down the beach crashing into them, at times its back fins were totally exposed as it swam through the school like a whale eating krill, this went on for about a halfhour, I never got a touch but I had the most fun trying that I've had in a while and I will be back with a few new patterns to try just in case I get lucky and it happens again.
  2. Sounds like a blast, Tony. Just getting to see that - wow! What kind of outfit were you using and if you HAD gotten a strike from that big fella, would you have had any chance of landing him?

    I think about that when I' m out there with my five weight, but haven't had a story like that tell yet...

    Good on ya!
  3. Great report Tony. Hope you get to tie up with that fish. After seeing that happen, I don't know that I could stop shaking long enough to get a decent cast to it, tho. :) I guess maybe I should leave off terrorizing the spiny rays in the local lakes and get salty. Seeing something like that would make the whole week better.
  4. Hi

    I will be in Seattle in 2 weeks for my former college roommate's wedding (Go Huskies). I will have a morning open during the weekend I am there so I was hoping to bring along my rod and wet a line. Can anyone point to any local beaches on the puget sound (closest to Everett/ Mill Creek) where I can try for some salmon or any members of the salmonoids. Also, what weight and type of line do you recommend for the beach. Flies?


  5. Amazing report Tony. I don't know what it is about salmon, but if they are in the area, I end up with a bad case of "salmon fever". The heart starts racing, the hands shake, and time moves in fits and starts. Hats off to you to actually being able to tie on several different flies to try to entice that huge king. I would be fumbling and bumbling just trying to tie a knot. Good luck next time (even it only results in your fly line being carried to the opposite side of the sound by a freight train with fins).

  6. I was using a 6/7 weight, and yes the thought certainly crossed my mind that if it did hit would I be able to land it, I'm not all that positive I could but I sure would like to try. I was reading LJ's book this morning and what happened was described almost exacly there the slashing and wallowing as it went for the damaged or injured bait, I tied a pattern today a tube without weight to just float or slowly sink like an injured fish, I never tried that, a wealth of info contained in that book, looking forward to the new one.
  7. :thumb:
    Pick up a copy of the current Northwest Fly Fishing magazine. There's an article in there about beach fishing, with lots of info on good spots. :thumb:
  8. Great report Tony :thumb: ..........though I had to laugh as I've been in that same situation, and just seeing one of those bad boys out there within reach is enough to keep me going at it all day, trembling hands and all. I think you're right on track with using the wounded bait fish approach; they are so selective when a lot of bait is around, and a good imitation is essential. Let us know when you finally nail that big one; the challenge is sooo much fun
  9. All,

    Thankyou for the help.

  10. Hey Mike, Just out of curiosity, what did that poor dog do? Chew up your waders or something? ;)
  11. Worse...while I was standing on my favorite local beach, using my top-of-the-line flyfishing equipment, wearing my high-priced gear, fishing those expensive catalog flies, and getting skunked anyway, that smart-ass dog took off down the beach and came back later with a nice silver.

    Of course, the fish had been dead several days, which was why I had to put him out of my misery. ;)

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :thumb:

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