Southsound Houseboat

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  1. You should see how he gets to and fro.

    Leland. photo-6.JPG
  2. Ha! Saw that a couple weeks ago. I was a little jealous. Any fishies?
  3. What is the law regarding non-motorized floating vessels... is one free to live on a raft and move at the whim of the tides? This could be the up and coming hipster thing to do. Might be a little spooky at night hearing the drone of a 100 ton freighter coming down the shipping lane though.
  4. thats the true meaning of the word Downsizeing
  5. We saw that for the first time today, I loved the Minn Kota powered foam Harley parked at the dock, really seem to add to the whole ambience of the place!
  6. Cool. I'm a big fan of shanty boats.

    This one was designed by an acquaintance of mine, Phil Thiel.
    Pedal Powered - "The Escargot"
  7. But are these things "self-contained," or do they just use a bucket or have a hole in the deck?:eek:
  8. Here's another shot of the same condo....apparently the guy has lived in it off and on for two years. IMAG0270.jpg
  9. Looks like "Hotel California".
  10. Not to worry... the bureaucracy will put a stop to it sooner or later.


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