Sparse Summer Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by David Dalan, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. I'm down for more!
  2. My ADD is tingling at the idea of tying 18 of the same fly- Im tying two different but similar patterns
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  3. Cool! Will likely be one of these.... Just need to go buy more hooks.

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  4. Count me in... ill be tying some sparse traditions that i swing here on the east side.

    Do we have a due date?
  5. Nice tie Sean . .
    Toss that into the Morice River , and hang on !!
  6. This should be a good swap; look'n forward to see what you guys tie up...
  7. I'll be doing some kind of spider pattern
  8. Ive been saving some polar bear for a special occassion, but 18 is my limit
  9. OK sounds like we're full full
  10. Damn, got some new stuff comin down the chute at work that means I may be unavailable. Gonna have to bow out of the swap dudes, i would rather do it now than later. Bummer!
  11. Take a pic of that Skykomish slayer pattern
  12. I'll take Sean's spot if you're looking to fill it. Let me know.
  13. I don't love you anymore. But thanks to my dysfunctional memory...i'll forget anyway.

    Hope all is well. Better busy than broke :)
  14. Works for me.
  15. Sweet!
  16. You all should have a conversation with me that has all the swap details...if not shoot me a conversation.

    Now get tying!!!

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