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  1. Mike

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    Its a myth. On one of my best fishing trips ever we had a large stem of fresh bananas hanging on the aft deck of the mother-ship. GT, bonefish, bluefin trevally and dog tooth tuna all of great proportions, Oh My!


    Caught this Wenatchee steelie on a banana fly.

  2. PETI

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    Short version: Bananas, banana boats, spiders bit sailors = bananas bad luck
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  3. PETI

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    Should have read -Bananas carry spiders
  4. jake-e-boy

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    Wetsnatche steel bite anything
  5. Danielocean

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    Not fucking true. Ask me how I know.
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  6. rory

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    The same way I know!
  7. Trapper Badovinac

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    I never heard of that one, but when I guided most of us would not allow people to use the word "Wind". We told people they could refer to it as "Rapid Air Movement" or the "W" word. We told people if they used the word it would always mean we were in for some 30+ mph headwind on the Missouri River and they'd have to double haul like Lefty to have a prayer of catching a fish.

    It was meant as a joke, but some people took it seriously.

  8. Jim Ficklin

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    Before I retired, my only rule on fishing & hunting trips was "Don't talk about work." Now that I'm retired, my only rule is "Don't talk about work."
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