special permit deadline apprroaching

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Josh Benjamin, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. june 28 is the cut off.
    anybody putting in for special hunts??
  2. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Josh. I have my wish list but it got buried and I probably woulda
    missed the deadline if not for your notice.

    I'm putting in for a couple muzzleloader elk permits and a few bighorn sheep hunts.

    Not getting my hopes up, but it's fun to dream.
  3. I only put in for 1 deer hunt, point only as next choice, point for elk, moose, sheep.
    baby on the way=very limited hunting opportunity for me this year.
  4. I heard something from a friend about a Mount Saint Helens hunt for antlerless elk. I cannot, however, confirm this in the regs or on the WDFW web site. It was pubished in the Times a few days (weeks?) ago.

    Supposedly 1700 tags available. Does anyone have any details as I am unable to find any?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. WooHoo, three elk tags for black powder, six for modern, and three for archery, and three for a general drawing, the nates get the other half of the 30 bull permits for the nook-sack herd.

  6. special permit deadline approaching

    Canoe Rider,

    If you go to the WDFW site and download the regs pamphlet, under Elk Seasons and Permits, starting on page 36 it shows a listing of new permits for GMUs in the St. Helens area. Maybe this helps. The WDFW isn't known for making it easy to find info.

  7. I am going to put in today, I've 7 points for Elk, and 1 for moose.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for my big bull!!!

  8. I put in for Anterless Deer Eastside. More meat hunting than anything. Love the Venison Burgers on the grill.
  9. East side any elk, and one other east side elk. This is the year. Well, that is what I said last year.
  10. the draw is supposed to be done by thursday and results should be posted online early next week.
    just talked to WDFW
  11. And the delay brought me a late buck tag!
  12. good for you...where?
  13. Sauk unit.
  14. Darn it....First time in a few years I didn't get drawn. Looks like I'm doing more upland hunting this year.


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