Spey and Dee fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Borderfly, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I asked to see if there was any swaps going on and I had a couple of people interested in a swap.

    I would love to run one on classic Spey and Dee flies if interested.

    I will take the first 10 tiers and start as soon as it fills, I would say 8 weeks to finish shorter if that what you think we should do.

    Thoughts anyone, comments any other fly suggestions, I am open to almost everything.

  2. I'm in BorderFly, I love speys and dees
  3. Cool, that's one-9 more to go!

    Welcome chris, I love tying them myself, hope we get more.

  4. OK I'm in too, but I want it understood that field is still split 50/50 between MI and WA tiers as I moved out here from MI just a few years ago and I still go back when I can to flyfish! :thumb:
  5. These are classic spey and dee, I'll save the egg sucking leach tie fest for later. :D

    We are starting to see the light out here in MI.:p

  6. I'm in and happy to be out of MI.
  7. OK I'll admit I'm happy to be out of the frozen tundra during most of the winter.
    Flies don't work so well when ice fishing inside the shack.... :clown:
  8. Trying to get out myself, things around here are not to good. I will be out within a year,any good spots that you can think of?

    Fishings still good!

  9. If 8 weeks I'm in, where do you get some premium flank?
  10. Ok... so I don't know anything about this style of fly, but I am in if you want a newbie... I will research some patterns
  11. MI transplant here as well! love it! spent lots of time on the Betsie, PM, Pine and Big Manistee. Much harder to catch the SH here than there thats for sure!
  12. So far seven?
  13. Eric,

    I also spend much time on those rivers as well, my home river is the Muskegon and it is filled with steelhead right now. Wish I did not ave to work, off to Columbia tonight for a few exciting days, not sure what to expect in that part of the world.:confused:

    You guys have plenty of great fly shops around you that you can get the materials that you need, BEP, bronze mallard, schlappen and that sort, beware though the BEP is not cheap.bawling:

    We just need a few more and we are set, if we do not get 10 by next week then we can stick with 7 I guess.

  14. I would like to join this swap. I have a spey/dee variation freight train or coal car (havnt decided which) that I think everyone would like. Let me know if it works for you.

  15. I actually bought a BEP skin last year and have not used it all that much. I will be using it for this swap though!
  16. I would not mind joining. I've never tied any speys but recently became the proud owner of a full set of first quality speys to attempt to replicate. I'll leave it to the members and swapmeister to punch my ticket or punch me out.
  17. Ed, If my opinion counts for anything (usually no...) I would love for you to join. your chum flies were great btw, and actually your precious variant could be considered a spey style fly so you are well on your way!
  18. Thanks Eric. I appreciate the feedback on flies I've tied. On occasion I've even seen one hanging from the mouth of a feisty fish.
  19. LOL!! hopefully more often than the occasional occurrence!

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