Spey and Dee fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Borderfly, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I think that makes nine so far one more lonely soul should be out there to join our merr bunch.

  2. I will take the last spot if its still open.....
  3. I believe that's ten, I will have a list of all the participants tomorrow I have to help my son with his homework.

    I am looking forward o seeing everyones flies, thanks for joining.

  4. Thought that was Grandmas job;)
  5. Alright here we go.

    Spey and Dee fly swap participants:

    Chris Johnson
    Eric Tarcha
    Slippery Whippet
    Daryl Holmstrom
    Clint F
    Jake Bannon

    That makes ten total, everyone makes ten flies and the flies need to be tagged with you name and the name of the fly, please don't forget to tag them it helps out a great deal.

    Each batch of flies sent to me should have packaging for me to send back out and must be pre-paid so I can just turn them around and get them back to you ASAP.

    We have 8 weeks to get them done and sent to me, please do not be late this is plenty of time and we should be able to handle tying 10 flies in 8 weeks.

    I will post the flies on the site as they come in.

    Have fun guys and let's keep in touch, any questions be free to ask.

  6. Sooooo to be clear that would be Jan. 5th 2010?
  7. That is correct.
  8. So again

    where do you get some premium flank?
  9. Sorry all, but with the disappointment of failed married wing and then hariwing ties and then needing to concentrate on finding a replacement vehicle I've been well off schedule. I'm out of time before I leave town and have failed to get anything that I'm willing to send in. I must be a loser and drop out at this late date. My apologies.
  10. Got mine in the mail today, should be there soon.
    My take on Mike Kinney's Dragon's Tooth pattern.

  11. What's everyone else tying? I'm thinkin' Sol Duc Spey unless someone else is doing that one.
  12. Sweet looking fly, I like the red guinea collar
  13. Mine went in the mail today!
  14. Mine are going out early tomorrow, really sorry if they're a day late. Procrastinated the crap out of this one...
  15. With Christmas and such me too might be a few days short, sorry.
  16. Hey guys what's up?

    I have received two flies so far and they both are smokin!

    Craig tied a excellent Dragons Tooth, very nice looking!

    C. Johnson tied a Sol Duc Spey, which I'm tempted to use today on the river, says that fly accounted for his first steelie with a spey, SWEET !!!!!!!!!

    When I get a few more in I will start taking pic's and post them.

    Get them tiers please!

    Tight lines.

  17. Hey Guys, I still plan on swapping and I will send the flies to everyone individually if I have to, but I am definitely going to be a few days late. My wife and I had our baby last week and while I had a couple done, finding time to tie right now is tough!! But I think I can get them done by the end of the week if everyone is willing to wait or like I said, i will send them out to each person individually. Happy New Year!
  18. Post the pic of the baby for crying out load screw the swap.
  19. Here are some pics of my little man! Graham Aleksander Tarcha, 9 lbs 4 ozs! he loves the sound of running water, which bodes well for his fishing futures!


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