Spey and Dee fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Borderfly, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. This is driving me nuts!!! I know I was late and all, but I busted out flies with new baby and all in an effort to fulfill my swap obligation and we havent heard shit in 3 weeks about anything.
  2. calling this a lost cause at this point just so i can forget about it and move on
  3. I'll be out in Michigan in a couple weeks, think I'll have to look up old KC/Borderfly and find out where our flies went!
    (As if I didn't know.....)

  4. I guess I'm lucky that my prototype failures threw me off schedule and then my life got too busy. I was looking forward to seeing these flies. I'll host the next one if anyone would be interested.
  5. Still pissed. what a douche move.

    I would be interested in another swap Ed...

    SW, I am heading to MI on the 10th and fishing the Pere Marquette on the 13th with a buddy of mine. Are you going to be fishing?
  6. Tell me when the timing is right and I'll set it up. I know the timing might not be the best right now with the Hoh Down looming and everyone trying to get some winter fishing in where possible. I've been practicing some appropritate flies and will be ready for the next go around.
  7. Hey guys, I dont know what is happening to my flies but they were sent well before the due date. I sent the swap leader a few pm's and have not heard from him. It pisses me off a lot wen they can even respond to me.

  8. You know it's odd he's stiffing you guys and yet is acitvily posting on that other forum, including today. I'm assuming it's the same guy; same name and location.
  9. I wrote those flies off long ago, as soon as he got my flies he was talking about going fishing with them. Hey Mummbles, when you set up the swap, I'm in.
  10. I'm thinking you guys need to remind him what happened to Charlie Wenzel
  11. I dropped a couple of posts on there to show my displeasure with him as well. I hope the mods over there dont get ticked at me for cross forum bashing!! there is also someone else on there who goes by WFF agent dropping some shit on him too...

    BAD JUJU for borderfly for sure!!!
  12. At this point is it too late to reopen another spey/dee swap? If there is interest from tyers here I'll make a go of it. If this one is best left for summer steelheading I can do that then. Let me know.
  13. Ed, Summer Steel would probably be better. Maybe revisit in May or June?

    So not to beat a dead horse or anything, guess who a got a PM from on SP.com in response to a couple of posts from me over there? I know i should let this rest but my lack of sleep and lack of fishing has made me crabby and this rubs me the wrong way...

    Anyway, I have said my peace, Im done.
  14. iagree Amen. His reply to the other forum was totally ass lame..IMHO.
  15. After some PMs back and forth on SP.com, complete with name calling and swearing, he had offered to send my flies back. we'll see if they ever show up. He offered to make nice and tie up some extras to send to the people that sent him flies, but i just told him to send my flies back. I really dont want anything from that guy! Interestingly he got dropped from at least one swap on SP.com as a result my and Agent WFF posts, so maybe some others are learning...it's too bad. Though he does have somewhat of point if only 3 or 4 guys from here sent flies...is that true?? I counted 7 from SW's update.
  16. Mine were sent... very early on too... didn't hear back from him when I asked if he had received them multiple times... so I gave up
  17. Thank you guys. For inlightning me about BF on the spey pages. I have delt with BF on a straight swap fly for book and it went smoothly. But i have been in a fly swap that he hosted that didn't but after a few months we got our fly's. So I wrote it off becouse he had med. problems. But I am seeing a pattern here so I droped hem from my swap on the spey pages. So if and when you guys get your fly's back could you let me know. Thanks Rocky
  18. Hi Rocky, Welcome aboard here! I must say you tie some gorgeous flies my man! Sorry about disrupting things over on SP, but thought you guys should know whats going on. Yes, 2 sides to every story, but I think he really flaked out on us here. good luck with you swap!

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