Spey casting for large, bright kings on a floating line

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by muknuk, Jul 6, 2013.

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    In a time when most of the King fisheries have been shut down in Alaska I wasn't overly optimistic about our chances on spey fishing for large, fresh kings. I finally was returning to one of my old haunts, but was worried when the group before us was only able to land 3 kings in 3 days. My experience 2 years ago was amazing and was I was hoping for anything close. After 3 plane rides, and a short hop in a Super Cub we landed in the remote stretches of the Bering Sea. The water was dropping and clearing, so we were a bit more hopeful. What makes this place so amazing is that you can catch chrome bright kings up to 45 pounds on floating line with unweighted flies. There are few places if any where you can have this type of experience. The other reason is that the remoteness and weather keeps the pressure to a bare minimum. The first 5 cast I hooked into 4 fish and in the next 3 days we consistently hooked in double digit numbers fishing only a few hours a day. I can only dream about returning again in the near future. If you think your fly club would be interested in the full details of this trip I would be happy to share this experience. Please contact me for available dates and times. Enjoy!

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    Wow---I was raised that if something sounded too good to be true, it probably is. Could you post some pictures for us skeptics???
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    that's amazing and i also fish a dryline and it makes me happy to see that..
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    Muknuk, that's truely amazing from my standpoint also. I fish for kings every year but not in alaska. The kings here usually hang out in deep pools and aren't much interested in flies. The more fish in a pool the more likely they are to take, jockying for position I've assumed. I see them flopping around early morning and late evening but when they do the flopping it seems they are "uncatchable" so I move to another run, not a salmon pool.
    I've thought alot about targeting chinook in those pools, haven't given it a good shot yet. If I did I'd use the heaviest sinktip I could come up with and fish it as deep as I could.

    Any idea why close to surface swinging works on those chinook. Something to learn here for sure.
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    My best guest is that because of the volcanic bottom there is very little depth in the river. we could easily cross the entire river in most spots. Because of this the kings stack up tightly and are easily targeted. Finally, because of the remote location they receive little pressure thus the perfect conditions for catching large numbers of kings.