spey casting help in portland area

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by liltanker32, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. liltanker32

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    hey all

    i am looking for someone to help me with my spey casting. i am just getting into the game and really wanna learn this art. if your in portland and would be willing to help hit me up please. i am in oregon city to be exact. if your close lets hit the clack and help me learn. thanks
  2. macSuibhne

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    Ron Lauzon up in Sandy (www.flyfishspey.com) is a certified spey casting instructor. That means he can not only teach you what to do and what is the correct technique...he can also analyze what you're doing wrong--that's part of the certification requirements.

    I took lessons from him when, after repeated emails and phone calls over the course of 6-9 months, I couldn't get even a response from one instructor who is quite well known, with Youtube videos, etc..

    Ron helped me "break through". Not a small thing.

    And he is a nice guy.
  3. Randall Clark

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    From what I've heard first hand, Matt McCrary is top notch. (Steelhead Outfitters)

  4. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    I just gave matt a call, waiting for a call back hope this is gonna cost an arm and a leg
  5. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    well ive called matt mccrary three times in a week and left messages all three and no response. i guess he either isnt doing lesson or something. gues ill call his partner sam back and go up to hood river for a lesson. hope he will give me a break on the price for having to drive.
  6. shanem

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    I know you booked something out in Hood River but for future reference check out the Flyfishing Shop in Welches, right off hwy 26 on the way up to Mt Hood. Travis and several others out there are phenomenal.


    Their website isn't the best around but the shop and staff are great.

  7. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    Just a few that I can think of off the top of my head are:

    K2flyfisher here on the board. (Taught at Sandy Spey Clave this year)

    and Steve Buckner (Lewis county) but can travel.

    Both of these guys are great teachers and both are certified.
  8. fredaevans

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    Shane's got it right even if you have to book a days fishing with the shop owner Mark B., one hell of a good guy and he could put a shape edge on a brick when it comes to spey casting.

    Can't remember the time frame (September something???) but go to the Sandy River Spey 'Clave. Tonnes of mixtures of rods/reels/lines, best casting instruction going and the whole thing will cost you a $5.00 parking fee.

    And they even feed you!!!! For FREE! Can you 'buy' something there; with tiny exception the answer is 'No.' Idea is for you to find out what works before you 'drop the dime.' Guys, with 2handers (top of line), reel, line, etc., you could easily drop $1,500 ..... or $500.00 .... or anything in between.

    There are well known rod manufacturers whose products I wouldn't touch for 'real fishing.' Others LOVE THEM. "A what ever floats your boat" and your choice of rods/actions/etc., will change over time. Get a new credit card ...
  9. liltanker32

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    Thank you sir,
    I am having a lesson with matt mcCrary tommorow, I to agree that there are great rods and reels for all. I personally have a burkheimer 8134 with a hatch 9 plus on it. easy 1500 bucks. I like my rods and reels though so im willing to drop my dimes on it.

    thanks for the imput on mark up in welches. he is a great guy and a hell of a spey caster.
  10. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Good on you for lining up a lesson; and great choice of rod. That stick will handle 98% of any water you're likely to fish. I have the rod and its always one that goes on top of the Jeep if I'm going to give someone a 'lesson.'

  11. macSuibhne

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    It was in May this year. Two hands @ tou valle is in September though.
  12. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    UPDATE, did my lesson with matt mccrary today and i can officially say i am a spey caster now. im so pumped. i dont know if ill want to use a single hander anymore lol
  13. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Answer is 'yes and no.' But GOOD ON YOU for the results of the lesson! You're next lesson Young Jedi is to learn/practice spey casts with your one hander. With a WF line it works a treat for close in fishing. Rod doesn't know/doesn't care.

    Darth Vader
  14. liltanker32

    liltanker32 Member

    right on, i may have to do some single hander stuff, but right now the deschutes and a few other rivers are hot with steelhead. so i probably wont see a single hand rof for a while.