spey casting rods, opinions on Scott and Fly Logic

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by willapabay, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Willapabay,

    Loomis has 2-hand rods for about $480.00, check their web site for the particulars. Granted, these are more mid-priced rods than lower-priced ones; but they do offer a lot more performance if have the technique to take advantage of it.

    The TFO's I've cast have been nice moderate actioned 2-handers, which means they are faster than the ECHO 2-handers that also sell for $250.00. They are made in China; but they are a very good value. For just a $100.00 more you have the Redington (a medium-fast rod series) and the new St. Croix (an action between the Redington and TFO) 2-handers that have more performance built into them than the TFO.
  2. Gene Banzai,

    Did you test cast your Rainshadow against that TFO? Curious as to how they compared or how you like your Rainshadow spey rod.

  3. I have the Fly Logic 1308. It's a great rod, and after I broke a tip FL rebuilt one for me very quickly -- the new tip does slip at the ferrule after a bit of casting but so what, it still casts great. The rod plays fish well and is strong enough to land them in some awkward (i.e. most) situations. It casts tips and weighted flies just fine (it was designed for it) but is nice with a floater as well. Very versatile. I have 3 other two-handers yet whenever I go steelheading I reach for the Fly-Logic. It's a really good rod.

    I reccomend overlining it with an Airflo 9/10 Delta (or whatever the light blue shooting head is).


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