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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Kevin Harris, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Kevin Harris New Member

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    Hi All,

    I'm new to casting a Speyrod. I bought my first Speyrod two weeks ago from River Run Anglers (Great outfit BTW). Its a Heritage 1510 slow action rod which I hear is good for beginners. The store owners have been very helpful in giving me pointers about casting and I plan on attending the Spey Clave this Saturday to learn from accomplished Spey casters/fishermen. My question to you folks is can you recommend any videos/DVDs about Spey casting that I could either buy or get from the library so I can watch them when I'm not on the water? I'm saving my money for a three day school with Derek Brown this next September. I'm sure that that will be the best instruction one can get but its 8 months off and I want to be able to cast 50 feet plus consistently in about a month or two. So any information or instruction will be a definite plus.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Porter Active Member

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    Mel Kreiger Spey Casting....his video is about an hour long and covers in good detail the basics and also a couple fancy twists.......check out a near by Fly Fishing store ...some rent videos for a couple bucks.

  3. Preston Active Member

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    Derek Brown's Spey Masterclass. A great video once you're able to translate from the Scottish (don't tell me those people speak English). Just kidding, of course, but he does have a bit of a brogue.
  4. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Not to brag, but I have them all. You will only need International spey casting and Derek Brown's. The others are OK, but it's those two I play over and over.
    I also recomend small group lessons. I would have gone to some of Arron's, but it is too far away to drive. Check with Nathan at Avid Angler. I'll be in his intermediate/advanced class this February 15th, then I'm off to the Sol Duc for three days. The class is with George Cook. I'm pretty frickin' stoked even though the rivers are dead as hell. I think Dennis Worely(sp) does some classes too out at Kauffmans in Bellevue. We will have to hook up sometime. Love2spey is a big help too.


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    Thanks for the tip! I called Kaufman's and I'm going to rent or buy Derek Brown's video. I need to take a class as well, but I spent a lot of money on my rod, reel and line last week so I've got to watch my spending. I plan on going to the Speyclave this weekend in Carnation so I'll get more practice there too. I wish I could get some time on the water during the week but I've got this annoying thing called a job that takes up all my time. I'm definitely into getting together with people to fish. I have a friend who's into flyfishing too but he lives down in Olympia. I need to hook up with local flyfishers so yeah, let's hook up and do some Speycasting/fishing.

    Thanks again, :beer2

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    I'll be at the clave. I'd be happy to help you with some tips that have helped me learn. I strongly agree with Matt - Get the Derek Brown video. It's great.

    Ask Aaron (the organizer of the clave) and he'll point me out. Or, look for the guy with a Simms long-billed cap into which are hooked about a dozen ugly winter flies. I'll be casting one of the longest rods there, a brand new 16' T&T (my new spey rod).


  7. Kevin Harris New Member

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    Cool! :thumb
    Aaron knows me too. He can point me out to you as well. I'll be wearing a green Filson hat and a greyish-green PVC rain jacket. I wear wire-framed glasses. Did you attend the Speyfly tying round table on the 15th? If so I was there too.

    Thanks again,

  8. Rimmy Member

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    Hey kevin your going to have a lot of help on sat and from some good fly guys but my vote would be from Brain
    [HighLander] He would be glad to help.He was across from you Wednesday night. ps how my brother!!
  9. Kevin Harris New Member

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    Yo Rimmy!

    Sounds like I'm gonna have to swallow a lot of pride this Saturday cuz it seems to me I'll be the only green horn out there. One thing's for sure I'll be a great act to follow! :+ But I guess if you want to be a good quarterback you'll be better served getting tips from Joe Montana instead of Joe Armchair. :D You're brother is doing fine. I hope to see his parrots and/or his macaws (Sp?) in the future.

    See ya there,