Spey Casting VS. Overhead Casting

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  1. Golfman65,

    I agree a DT line on a good hand could be deadly. while I enjoy your post and agree some of your point... there is one common misconducted reasoning I just have to mention it again.

    When we compare efforst and energy expenses in casting different lines, we should compare them in the same platform . In your case, you should compare both lines under the same hands. not DT line in skillful hands and Compact heads in a rookie's. We call it standardized experimental and control group test in science (everything being equal).

    Under skillful hands, every line could be deadly! Doesn't it?! I am sure there are certain situation, as Ed mentioned DT line would be wonderful and deadly line to fish.

    As I said before, fly casting is a combination of art and science. Science can't explain the feel, but it will provide some guidelines for us to follow and to discover. One related phenomena about compact line and DT line comparison... see attached link below. Have you guys noticed that longer line always require heavier grain weight to load properly? see Rajeff sports' chart... Same rod, shooting head always recommend lighter grain weight? do anyone know why?


  2. well... gentlemen...

    All good points... we can get into those detail one by one... but now I am tying flies for tomorrow's fishing trip... so maybe you guys can having some fun first...

    One more thing to say before I open another beer...

    Over years, I have been really grateful to have this forum to learn on. Moderate a forum is a art form in execute, Chris and other moderators has been working their magic to make this place a fantastic place to play. I have to mention that again.

    Further, a good discussion and debating is actually a really fun to watch or anticipate. We don't need to agree to each other, and I never did expect people to agree with me. However, a good debating should be based upon a good reasoning and a good logic... I remember there is one time I told Trevor in the PM. I understand there are not many people get the scientific training... so sometime I have to just lay back and enjoy the mud fight... But overall I think this forum has been very good to me.

  3. No teasing Mark, and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am no college professor but I sure as hell am familiar with hammers and if you think that you expend the same energy with a light or heavy hammer over a day of let's say framing.......well then maybe I could be a college professor.
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  4. The line may be lighter in grain weight, but grain:length ratio makes the shooting heads heavier in grains per foot.
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  5. It would be a mistake to think that someone with little to say about operating in the physical world necessarily lacks an understanding of it, as their "gift" may in fact be the clear, easy performance of understanding, not the articulation of it, which is far more useful in a forum than it is in the real world. Out there, that quiet someone might show you who knows what.
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  6. Hi Bruce,
    What really surprises me is when you start to talk like an adult, it actually has a lot of things interesting to discuss. As I said earlier... there are a lot of things we can learn from each other... why always pretend you are a chomp caster? Are there too little room to share some knowledge in this forum? How many times you explain the basic here to the beginners... or here is just another campfire for you looking for teasing people...
    This is not a teaser Bruce. This is something to think what to bring to this forum.

  7. It is! GS

    This more "compact" character is the reason making them require less totally weight to load properly...
  8. Trevor,

    I agree.
    I never assume people has less knowledge in one thing is related how much they can provide "useful information" on another side...this knowledge or experience also is "independent" to the ability and attitude. No need to do a name calling here... we all know who come here try to help out others, and who come here just for the show... We also know who has more positive energy and who has grumpy and ranting character.

    I have said this enough... we come here for different purposes... whether for educational information or for entertaining's sake... both are all good for me. I never assume anything and quiet frankly, I am too busy to interact with new friends in this site than worry about people don't understand what I have said...In fact, I have a lot of respect to people that willing to share and discuss their own experiences. This is a diverse world and the diverse experiences is what make this place interesting...

    Remember one time you called me nuttier than squirrel's poop? I was so excited to learn that! :D
    looking for positive things is what I learn from my friends here...

  9. The squirrel bit is a good one, Mark. I hope you have lots of fun with it!
  10. Mark, about the PM, good the misunderstanding here was cleared up.I am really not interested in getting into the weeds about every detail of line design, been there, but these days with stellar line choices on the market, not needing to make my own anymore, I'm not interested in an internet session about it. Enjoy the thread.
  11. Mark, you are HILARIOUS (read my post again about being a college Prof)

    I have helped many with casting tips or thoughts on equipment from personal experiance.
    If you actually had a real original thought that made sense I would listen as that as how we all learn.
    Posting videos or diagrams with no explanation doesnt work for me, not sure about others.
    Remember when I tried to help you when you posted some videos of you casting? Did you even try to slow down and smooth out your lift? If so and it is working for you then you are welcome ;-) If not then I guess you come here for entertainment and not learning.
    Stay thirsty my friend!
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  12. I don't always speycast well....
    But when I do, I do so with little scientific understanding
    Stay thirsty my friends!
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  13. Bruce has given me a tonne of non-encrypted advice that has helped me greatly. Just sayin
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  14. Bruce,

    My apology. my brain farted.

    From now on, I will not engage any discussion with you in WFF and Speypages.
    take care and best wishes!

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  15. This post is exactly why so many of us disregard your input and choose to challenge it. Your face is in a book loaded with equations...and video's. To you those equations are the answers.

    If you were to evaluate all spey lines in fishing situations "only", you'd find that Rob is correct, and it's true with speylines too. "Overall" a DT is superior because it will do everything, maybe not well but it will do it... it is the most controllable option available. Though rarely available these days.

    Here's a challenge that you'll love. Start gathering data, define all conceivable variables and include them as best you can. The normal distribution will show you something, The bell curve with 95% confidence will prove a DT is the most efficient fishing line ever developed (don't forget mending). We don't need equations to know this!
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  16. Gentlemen, start your engines! It's another Yuhina thread.
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  17. What a waste of bandwidth, typical of a yuhina post.

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