Spey Casting with single handed rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by dheike, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. As the title implies can this be done?
    Pretty much Spey anything is foreign to me. I have seen a Spey Fisherman before on the lower Stilly fishing for Salmon (Chum and Silver)from about 40 yards away and he was backed right up to a big ol' cliff throwing line like it was nothing. It was absolutely beautiful to watch
    He was hooking a fish about every 3rd cast.

    Darrin ><>
  2. You bet!

    I'm seeing it more and more.
    Come down to Carnation from 9:00am to noon every Saturdays, Aaron (Speybum) River Run Angler one of the forum sponsor has a casting clinic.

    River Run Anglers
    946 Tolt Ave.
    Carnation, WA. 98014

    Phone # 425 333 4446
    E-mail address: speybum@speyshop.com
  3. Yes single handers are quite capable performing spey casts.

    Homey where were you yesterday?

  4. I was some where else.

    Family first!
  5. He's always somewhere else;) :rofl :rofl

  6. That's why we are all here. Because we're not all there.
    Or something like that :hmmm

  7. I should qualify that I live in Centralia. Does anyone live down this way that is a Spey Caster?

    Darrin ><>
  8. I believe that any of the half-dozen or so different spey casts can be done with single-hand rods, although at shorter maximum distances than with a spey rod. They have the same advantages: easy on the muscles, quick return of the fly to the water, and little need for backcast room. A few days ago, I was fishing a favorite drift on the North Stilly. Rather than risk breaking off a fly on the high, rock-covered bench behind me, I switched to a double-spey cast. My 9-1/2-foot 7-weight easily cast 50-60 feet.
  9. If you're ever planning to come up this way drop me a line. I've given a couple of clinics on single-handed spey casting and, if we can hook up, I'd be happy to get you started...

    An even better suggestion was given previously, but I'll restate it: If you can swing it, make the effort to get to Carnation some Saturday morning around 10:00 AM. Lots of really good spey casters now and most of 'em handle the single-hander as well as the two-hander.


  10. The principals of fly casting are the same for a single hand rod as for a double. Most spey cast are really fun with a single handed rod. It is amazing how much line you can haul and shoot into a single handed spey cast. For me learning to spey has really recharged my single handed rod fishing.

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