Spey fishing for trout on the Yakima river

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Matt Burke, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    The Yak was great. It was my first chance to put the Sage 5120 to use. My original plan was chasing Cutthroat in the salt with the two hander and shooting heads, but now I know, it also makes the perfect Trout rod. Jim and I, nailed a few and lost a few. That river is small above Eburg and my other Speys rods would have put the head 50 feet into the brush on the other bank. The bigger rods would be good below Eburg, but too big for trout. Not a problem for the 5120. It not only handled small river sections, but it didn't rip the jaw off the trout when raising the tip to keep tension. That 5 wt makes a big difference for two handing trout. It is such a light and delicate cast compared to a 15 foot 10/11 Spey. For line, I used a SA 7wt floating Steelhead taper and a mid spey 7/8 with the mid section removed. With the tips I could have dredged the bottom but I was down far enough with those bead head nymphs. It also handled #14 and smaller dry flies. It was so cool to not have to false cast all day.

    The next time I will try some other things. The river can be 30 feet across at some sections and 75 plus, in others. To handle that, I’m going to try the 15 foot middle section with tips on the airflo multi-head running line. I have tips at 12 and 15 feet. That will give me a shooting head that’s 27 to 30 feet long. With the underhand cast, I’ll be able to handle 30 to 80 foot wide sections of the river, at any depth.

    This was my first time fishing for trout on the Yak, first time two handing for trout and first time catching trout with a Spey. All new and weird, to say the least, but know I have a lot of things to work out as far as technique and such. There is just nothing on the web regarding this and I know I must be in a real minority. If anyone could help me research more info, I would appreciate it. Does anyone else use the 5120?


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  2. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all..

    All that info but just ask him how big his first fish in the river was;) }( }( :+

  3. miyawaki

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    I have fished the Yak with my Scott 11'9", 6wt two-hander in the fall with big stims on a dryline over the mid-river rock gardens in the lower canyon with terrific results. The beauty of the long rod, as in steelhead grease-lining, is in the subtle line control. I have also fished my 6wt two-hander on the Henry's Fork during the salmonfly hatches. The lighter two-handers are the perfect tools for the job.

    It's a lot of fun eh?

  4. Luv2Spey

    Luv2Spey Member

    Last summer I had the opportunity to fish the October Caddis hatch for redsides on the Deschutes using a borrowed 6 wt, 2-hander. Absolutely fantastic day. I was able to C&R five nice steely wannabes in the 16" to 18" range.

    I almost bought the 5 wt sage after I tried it out at the clave in Fall City last January. I think it's the perfect rod for the [Yakima] canyon - Especially during the high flows of summer when wading (and back-casting) is limited. Also, these new light weight two-handers will be killer on the Stilly when the summer run fishery cranks up.

    Sadly, SWMBO took a look at the ten fly rods mounted on my garage wall and, with my recent purchase of the T&T in mind, screwed the lid down tight on that dream, I'll tell you :bawling


    P.S. SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed
  5. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I went with him we had a very good time. We started out on the lower canyon where the wind was doing it's best to not let us fish. So we left from there and went up to the Ringer access He(Matt) had a few hits and even had one on and went he was bringing it in he was laughing at me and he lost it. After he left that hole he went back up river and I moved into it. I finally broke the ice on fishing this winter. Caught a nice fish,about 14" long. Got some pictures but being that I'm computer DUMB I haven't figured out how to make them smaller and send them to where ever I need to.

    Lots of people fishing,some catching and some not. We also tried a few other spots on the way back home but I really like that access at Ringer.

    As for all the bug hatches that are supposed to be on that river. I thought for a minute there that I was fishing on the west side. I think that I saw about 5 bugs all day come off the river. Of course it was windy and over cast but it's always windy over there.

  6. pcknshvl

    pcknshvl Member

    Inspired by Rumpole of the Bailey?

  7. Whitey

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    Matt, thats awesome! I'm a bit suprised to see that you bought a 5120. You must have won the lottery and are not telling us, with all the new rods in your ever growing inventory. I'm a bit jealous, but only a bit. good work.:beer2 YT}(
  8. Preston

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    >Inspired by Rumpole of the Bailey?

    Who was, of course, inspired by H. Rider Haggard.
  9. Matt Burke

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    I keep trying to tell you guys, I didn't win the Lottery. I have custody of my son and never got any child support over the last 12 years. I think they put her in jail cuz now the Nazi (met her in a GI bar in Germany)is paying support real regular. Now my son is graduating highschool and she still has to pay $9000 in back support. I raised him without one dime from her so it's payback time brother. I can't think of a better way than buying good quality gear after living off of peanut butter, for so long. How many of you have your ex paying for all your new fly rods, hehehe. Wish I could get it all at once, I'd buy the fattest drift boat you ever saw and name it, "My Ex Nazi".


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  10. Hal Eckert

    Hal Eckert Member


    I fell in love with that rod at a fly show this year, but could not cast it.

    Really interested in what you think about it as you use it further.

    Looking forward to any on the water experience you provide.

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